5 Most Hideous Hairstyles In WWE Today (And 5 That We Love)

Your look is pretty important once you walk through the doors of WWE because it serves as one of the main factors by which the higher-ups first judge you. It's not a case of being the most attractive person in the room. Instead, it's about standing out amongst the crowd, which, as we all know, can be hard to do in an industry like pro wrestling.

Today we're going to be focused on hairstyles which, as it turns out, are pretty vital when it comes to the true essence of a character. Some of these are good, and some, of course, are hideous.

10 Hideous: No Way Jose

No Way Jose actually had a fun gimmick going, once upon a time, to the point where we’d even argue that he had a chance at holding a midcard title—because, let’s face it, far worse people have held midcard belts.

As Jose’s stock on the main roster continued to decline, however, WWE just seemed to give up. He went from having a really cool afro to these bright green locks, and, while they’re kind of fun, we aren’t going to pretend like this is doing literally anything for his character.

9 Love: Velveteen Dream

Everyone loves Velveteen Dream as an act and as a general character, but his actual appearance needs to be taken into consideration, too. When it comes to his hair, the guy is an absolute mastermind, constantly altering and reinventing it in order to suit every big match and style.

He’s dynamic and when you have that ability, it truly can do wonders for you in a company like WWE. It helps that he’s a homegrown talent and also has an unbelievable physique, which he’s been using to his own advantage ever since entering the company.

8 Hideous: Brock Lesnar

Brock’s $10 hairstyle just reminds us a little too much of a school bully. We all know that’s probably exactly what he was back in the day, but in our opinion, that doesn’t make it any better.

It’s just a little bit lazy and while there isn’t all too much you can do with a hairstyle like that, he always looked pretty cool whenever he grew it out and slicked it back.  Unfortunately, the only time he ever decided to pair that up with a rad beard was when he was over with the UFC.

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7 Love: Asuka

Asuka is an eccentric, mysterious girl, and we’ve seen that play out magnificently across her time in WWE. While her spell on the main roster hasn’t been quite as successful as her tenure in NXT, one thing has always remained the same: the overwhelming quality of her hairstyles.

Colors that simply should not go together always seem to do so when it’s Asuka sporting the look, and, given how stylist she actually is, that should come as a surprise to precisely nobody. She’s a true superstar, and that much is obvious.

6 Hideous: AJ Styles

We just think that AJ’s hair is a little bit much now, and, while people can joke about the soccer mom look all they want, the painful part is that it’s actually a little bit true.

The former ROH, NJPW, and TNA star made a home for himself in WWE nearly four years ago now, and it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride since then. However, while he’s been absolutely sensational, we can’t help but wonder what a short-haired AJ would look like. For nostalgia purposes, we really want to see it—alongside a hefty beard.

5 Love: Becky Lynch

Taking the saying from Sonya Deville, Becky Lynch has started to put her hair up and square up, and we love it. The Man faces every situation head-on with a smile on her face, and there is absolutely no-one on the roster that is capable of slowing her down.

Lynch’s tenacity is on a whole other level to the rest of the women’s division, and her hair serves as a big factor behind that. It just makes her feel a little bit more unique, and it has continued to be her trademark look through all these years in the spotlight.

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4 Hideous: Bayley

While her new heel persona is certainly enjoyable, we just didn’t see the need to have Bayley cut her hair off. It isn’t the most dramatic look change in the world, but it just came across as a bit cheap, and, if anything, it makes Bayley feel a little bit more generic than she already was.

We aren’t sure what they’re going to do in order to change this up or even if they will, but one thing we do know is that this isn’t what will take her to the next level.

3 Love: Bray Wyatt

Bray’s hair got so out of control during the end of his previous run under his previous character that we just think it got a bit too messy. Sure, some would argue that was the whole point, but it wasn’t floating our boat.

The best part about his new look is that ‘smart’ Bray the children’s TV host has really nice hair, and so does ‘The Fiend,' although they’re entirely different. One is wild and spooky and the other is tamed and quite relaxed, which makes for the perfect contrast.

2 Hideous: Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne’s hair nowadays just makes him look like a bit more run-down than he used to, and, while that may be the point, we still don’t like it.

Considering he’s from Birmingham that shouldn’t be all too surprising, but, even so, it takes the attention away from what he’s actually doing in the ring. We aren’t suggesting that he goes full Peaky Blinders or anything like that, but if he wants to stay fresh and continue to stand out from the crowd, something needs to be done. We aren’t quite sure what that thing is, but something needs to change nonetheless.

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1 Love: Sasha Banks

When Sasha shed her purple wig to reveal the blue look beneath, it confirmed her status as one of the baddest women on the planet once again. It was such a seemingly simple reveal to make, and yet, it was incredibly impactful. She was able to freshen things up and really take this heel turn by the scruff of the neck.

She is living for her new persona, and we really do believe that switching to the blue, which suits her, has helped dramatically in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

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