WWE BFFs: 15 Steamy Photos Of Charlotte And Becky Lynch

These BFFs have us drooling over some of the steamiest pictures featuring the blonde and orange haired bombshells.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are two of the most popular wrestlers in the world right now. While their fame has come as a result of their abilities inside the ring, their abilities to look amazing outside of the ring should not be undersold.

Neither Lynch nor Charlotte were recruited for their looks. Their looks just happened to be gravy on top of the main course. Lynch toiled away on the independent scene for a decade before being signed to WWE. She competed all over the world and worked odd jobs to support herself as she chased her dreams. Charlotte didn't decide to go into wrestling until she was 26. As soon as she did, however, WWE signed her up as quickly as they could. She would be in NXT not long after.

Nowadays on SmackDown Live, Becky and Charlotte are best friends. They seem to both enjoy drinking tea as well, though nobody else seems sure of just why that has become their thing. As others have pointed out to Becky, however, Charlotte has turned on her before and most likely will do so again. Until that time, however, here are 15 pictures of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch that will blow your mind.

15 Becky Lynch In Magic: The Gathering

This is Becky Lynch looking very much like her doppelganger from Magic: The Gathering. The character Becky Lynch's look is based after is named Chandra Nalaar. Much like Becky Lynch is known to shoot "straight fire!" so too does Nalaar. In the card game, Nalaar is a sorceress who can shoot out flames.

The other note about Lynch's look is that it is also said to be inspired by Steampunk, which is a genre of science fiction based on technologies from steam-powered eras. Lynch is apparently really stoked on that stuff.

14 Post-Workout Heat


Charlotte posts a lot of post-workout selfies. In researching this article we have seen Charlotte in a lot of workout clothes. She seems to rarely wear the same thing twice either.

WWE does have a deal with Tapout, so the clothing company probably doesn't mind when Charlotte sends a photo like this out to the entire WWE Universe. The WWE Universe doesn't mind it either.

Tapout is a clothing company which was originally based in MMA. They ended up sponsoring many of the early fighters for the UFC and built a clothing empire based on the exposure it brought them. Now that the UFC is the sole domain of Reebok, Tapout has moved into sports entertainment. If recent rumors are correct, we could be seeing Ronda Rousey wearing some Tapout gear in the not too distant future. Let's hope she posts some selfies like this one as well.

13 Becky On The Beach 


This was one of the first photo-shoots Becky Lynch took part in after her character changed from a ridiculous Irish stereotype to the Lass Kicker we see today. The orange hair tends to stick out from her pale Irish complexion.

Lynch has probably spent a lot of time on beaches throughout her life so far. Before being signed to WWE, Becky worked as a flight attendant. Working for an airline company sent Becky all over the world, just as her WWE career is doing for her today.

12 Charlotte On The Beach 


Charlotte Flair is rocking a bikini in the above beach photo-shoot. WWE has been having their female performers model in such shoots for nearly two decades now.

Back in the Attitude Era, WWE marketed a video entitled Divas in Paradise and promptly made themselves a bunch of money. Ever since then, they've learned the value of their female performers dressed only in swimwear.

11 Becky Lynch Pumping Iron


Seen here working out with the chain the Junkyard Dog used to wear around his neck, Becky Lynch is a solid athlete. The 30-year-old began her training at only 15 years of age in Ireland, which sounds rather dangerous.

One of the instructors who allowed a girl of such young age to train was Finn Balor, who himself was only in his early 20s at the time. Finn had opened up NWA: Ireland in his home country and an accompanying school. Whether Becky started lifting with JYD's chain back then or not is currently not known....

10 Charlotte Flair Risque Photo-Shoot


Not long after Charlotte started becoming more well known to WWE fans, the promotion had her take part in the above photo-shoot. We are glad they did!

Charlotte is drop dead gorgeous, and the above photo is solid evidence of this fact. This is a rare photo of Charlotte before she became the Queen of SmackDown, or the multi-time Raw Women's Champion.

Charlotte has had a rough summer unfortunately. Her father was hospitalized recently in what looked to be a near-death situation for him. In true Ric Flair fashion, however, he escaped death and then promptly started cutting promos on Twitter posts and marketting t-shirts with slogans about how he isn't dead yet.

9 Becky Got Back


Here is Becky Lynch fully embracing a standard modelling pose; head and posterior both facing the camera. Basically this move is done to get both her backside and face into the same picture. Lynch has the look down pat, and we thank her for that!

Lynch keeps things fairly covered up while wrestling. Unfortunately for her fans, she has not embraced the booty short styling that Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella have. Perhaps that's Becky not wanting her assets to outshine her talent because she certainly has the booty for said booty shorts. There is even speculation that Becky eats her Booty O's on the regular!

8 The Glutes Of A Queen 


Charlotte Flair was evidently pleased with how her workout went the day she took this photo. The former multi-time champion appears to be showing off her impressive glute muscles. Hey, it takes some strong glutes to keep her opponents locked in her figure-eight, so she's got to work those things out.

Flair needs to stay in good shape as she'll most likely be one of the top draws in all of female wrestling throughout the rest of her career. As WWE continues to build their Women's Divisions, Flair has the name and ability to be a perennial main event star and champion for the long haul.

7 Becky And The Barn


It's not exactly clear why Becky Lynch is posing for this photo-shoot inside a barn. She does appear to be sucking on a piece of straw and/or pretending it is a cigarette, which at least makes for an interesting photo.

6 Pink & Pineapple 


Despite being a rival of Natalya's, Charlotte seems to really enjoy the color pink. In the photo above she appears to be wearing workout pants that have pink pineapples on them. Charlotte is also dawning a neon pink Tapout tank-top. Like most of the other women on the roster, Charlotte takes the selfie showing off her pretty neat gear.

5 Becky's Ab Game

Check out those abs on Becky! Why the WWE doesn't dress her in outfits that better show off her ripped abdomen is anyone's guess. This picture also illustrates how Becky Lynch, much like Charlotte Flair, also likes the color pink. Oddly enough, however, Becky isn't wearing any pink on her clothing aside from literally the word pink on her top. Becky might be sucking in a little for this picture, but it's entirely possible that no photo of someone's abs has ever been taken without that being the case, so we digress!

4 The Look Of A Queen

Charlotte Flair's character has become something of a regal-esque figure in the last couple of years. Now that she and the other women of WWE's women's revolution are no longer rookies, some of their true personalities are beginning to shine more clearly. No bigger example of this exists than Charlotte Flair.

While Charlotte was never awkward on the microphone, she has really become comfortable with her persona over the last year. When Charlotte has the mic now, she demands almost as much attention from audiences than her father used to. Nobody can quite do that as well as Ric Flair, however.

3 Backstage Beauty

It appears as though the photographer has given Becky the direction of "walk up to the wall and pretend someone has glued your backside to it. Then we want you to look at the camera and act like this is no big deal". It's a completely unnatural position for someone to be contorted in. Nobody has found themselves in a position like that organically, unless of course they need to take a quick bathroom type of break...

2 The Queen Of WrestleMania 


Some would say this is Charlotte Flair at her absolute hottest. This is Charlotte at this past WrestleMania looking like a larger than life Superstar. Somehow Charlotte Flair has captured all of her father's star power in a way that David Flair failed completely at.

1 Sizzling BFF Selfie


Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair really are good friends. They both went through WWE developmental at the same time, and as we've seen in recent years, wrestlers who train together tend to form backstage alliances.

Their off-screen friendship has now moved on-screen again. That Charlotte once turned on Becky in a rather public and violent manner is either simply forgotten about or ignored. They also seem to be using the hand-signal of drinking from a dainty tea cup in the same way the Young Bucks throw up the "Too Sweet" hand sign.

Over the course of the next five years, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will be two of the most important female wrestlers in WWE. Flair more than Lynch but Lynch will have a great purpose as well. It's only a matter of time until Charlotte turns on her, however.

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WWE BFFs: 15 Steamy Photos Of Charlotte And Becky Lynch