WWE BFFs: 15 Steamy Photos Of Nia Jax And Alexa Bliss

Both Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax are stunning and they love to show off their beauty on social media.

Ever since the Women’s Revolution kicked off in the WWE, everyone was hyped about just how good the Four Horsewomen (aka Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch) would be on the main roster. But since the WWE draft, there have been a few surprise packages who have popped up from NXT as Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have stamped their authority in WWE ever since getting a promotion last year. “Team Rude” may be a dangerous alliance on RAW right now, but they’ve been best friends since their time on NXT.

“The Goddess of WWE” Alexa Bliss has enjoyed a lot of success since coming unto the main roster as she won both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships within a year while Nia has been one of the most dominant women to have stepped foot in WWE in a long time. Both of them are actually hot as hell and they love to show off their beauty on social media where the absolute sexiest pictures of these two gorgeous women are on display.

The newest additions to Total Divas have been proving just how sexy they are in real life, as we take a look at 15 hot photos of Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss which you HAVE to see.

15 Alexa Bliss Looking Stunning Backstage


Alexa Bliss has stirred up quite a lot of attention amongst fans ever since making the main roster jump from NXT, as fans have been especially surprised because of the revealing outfits she wears at times. The woman known as "Five Feet of Fury" has gained immense popularity because of how well she portrays her sexy heel character and treats fans with some of the most provocative photos of her stunning figure. This picture of Bliss backstage shows how amazingly she chooses her outfits. The RAW Women's Champion reveals quite a lot of her "assets" in this picture and her stunning beauty is also on display. This picture has the capability to instantly turn a person who doesn't even know her into a fan because of how hot she looks.

14 Nia Jax The Model


It wasn't always Nia Jax's plan to be a professional wrestler, as she wanted to be a professional model and even posed for many magazines. Jax looked quite different back then and can't be recognized with her terrorizing looks these days, as this picture shows just how sexy she was back then. Nia was quite the stunning model as it can be seen in this picture, as she is pulling off the bikini look amazingly well. This picture shows how maintained she was back when she was modeling for magazines and other stuff as she looks extremely hot in this nostalgic picture which proves how her amazing looks are something which have stayed with her for a long time now.

13 Alexa Working Out


Normally when a wrestler works out, they don't really look their best because of the sweat and hard work taking away all the sexiness, but Alexa Bliss proves why she's eternally sexy in this picture. Sure, it may be a photoshoot, but who cares! Bliss is extremely over right now because of her pretty face and because of how fans are swooning over her stunning looks, and as you can see, Bliss puts in the work to maintain this popularity. The former professional bodybuilder actually works out really hard in the gym to make sure she's ready inside the ring. Bliss is looking absolutely gorgeous in this picture where she manages to show her "assets" perfectly.

12 Nia Donning The Swimsuit


Nia Jax is somebody who may not be liked by everyone because of the terrorizing heel she is in the WWE, but not many can actually deny that she's extremely good-looking. But Jax has come under some criticism from people about how "heavy" she is and because of her curvy figure, so she decided to set her critics straight when she posted this picture of her in a swimsuit. In an emotional post, she slammed her haters and stated how she was proud of her body and one can't help but agree with her. Despite her fuller figure, Nia is a gorgeous woman as this picture actually shows how hot she can look when she intends to. Nia's sexiness can be seen in this picture which reveals her assets and anyone who differs with her just because she doesn't look like the others is just being ignorant.

11 Alexa Rocking The Bikini


Alexa Bliss may be the current self-proclaimed "Goddess of WWE", but she was working on making herself look sexy from a young age when she turned to body-building to help recover from an eating disorder she had when she was a teenager. Bliss competed in the Arnold Classic and was quite the prominent bodybuilder because of which she was hired by NXT and some of her old photos go to show how hot she was before she attained all the fame. This picture of Bliss posing in a bikini during her pre-WWE days shows just how stunning she looked even before she became famous in the WWE. She's been working on making herself look amazing for a long time and her natural sexiness is something of a treasure for her and hot pictures like these are absolute gold for her admirers.

10 A Young Nia Looking Spectacular


Nia Jax may be the first female from the Anoa'i family to go onto become a wrestler in the WWE, but it seems that she's always looking to do something different in her life. Before she even imagined to be a professional wrestler, Nia thought of a career as a professional model and did a lot of work as a model way before she started wrestling. Nia looked absolutely stunning back then and this picture of Jax donning the Bikini shows just how hot she was back in the day. Nia loved to show off her figure in hope to become a bigger model back then and this picture shows just how amazing she looked even back then. Nia is donning the bikini perfectly in this picture which shows her sexy figure and stunning assets amazingly well, proving how she's been a sexy diva for a long time.

9 Alexa Chilling At The Beach

Pool time 😎

A post shared by Lexi Kaufman (@alexa_bliss_wwe_) on

Alexa Bliss has worked really hard to get to where she's at now, as she wasn't really this big during her NXT days which didn't start that well. Her initial gimmick wasn't good at all and things started to turn for her once she turned heel and was pushed for her antics on the main roster. Bliss has been champion for most of her time on the main roster and has to work events almost every-day of the week, barely getting any free time. But Alexa makes sure to make the most use of her free time as it can be seen in this sexy picture of her taking a breather in the beach. Bliss is seemingly relaxed in this picture and teased fans with a glaring picture of her wearing a black swimsuit, as she almost reveals it all and flaunts her sexy figure once again.

8 Nia Jax Gorgeous In A Black Dress


Nia Jax tends to wear more dark colored outfits whenever she comes to the ring in the WWE and that seemingly suits her really well and makes her look really gorgeous. It seems like Jax is in love with the color black as she often posts pictures of her wearing dark dresses on her social media and one can understand why she loves them so much after seeing this stunning picture. The dress shows just how amazing she looks when she decides to dress properly and her sexy figure is on full display. Jax's assets and sexy looks are on full display, showing just how hot Nia really is when she decides to make herself look good.

7 Alexa & Nia Backstage

Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax started their wrestling careers almost during the same time on NXT where they were still figuring themselves out, but they have had their backs ever since their time in developmental. The two got the main roster call at the same time but were separated in two brands, but they've been reunited and been an inseparable pair ever since being on RAW together. They love to flaunt their friendship on social media and post the most amazing images of them together in shows or other places, as this gorgeous selfie of them proves the point. Both of them look absolutely stunning in this picture which shows the amount of beauty between these two as their sexiness is on display in this picture which proves how they're the hottest team in WWE right now.

6 Alexa's Valentine's Day Special


Alexa Bliss is someone who loves to show-off her good-looks and is actually quite good when it comes to serving the fans on social media. Bliss is actually pretty active on social media and loves to treat her fans to some sexy pictures of her and she also decided to treat them to a special, stunning photo on Valentine's Day. She posted this picture on Valentine's day earlier this year as she's pulling off this lovely dress and looks absolutely spectacular wearing it. This dress actually complements her really well and Bliss manages to show just how hot she is wearing this dress which doesn't reveal her "assets" that much either. Bliss has to be one of the hottest divas to have stepped foot in WWE in the past decade or so and manages to wow fans with pictures like these which prove why she's indeed a Goddess in WWE.

5 Nia Displaying Her Beauty

Even beasts like to get glammed ✨💄💋 Hair & Makeup by @adamlesimmons

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Nia Jax may be somebody who has been a terror for the women on RAW for some-time now, but she can look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous when she wants too. The member of the Anoa'I family is not only the first female to gain popularity inside the squared circle from the family, but one can argue that she's also the sexiest one of them all. Nia has one of the most beautiful faces among the women in WWE right now( the reason why the camera pans on her face during her entrance) and her glaring beauty is on show in this stunning picture. Nia looks extremely hot in this picture where her "assets" are also partly on display and proves that she can look absolutely amazing if she wants to make herself look pretty.

4 Alexa's Hall Of Fame Outfit


It's rather obvious by now that Alexa Bliss has quite the stunning fashion sense as she wears the most stunning in-ring outfits and also has the looks to pull off absolutely anything she wears. The "Goddess Of WWE" also dresses like one at times and when it comes to attending very important ceremonies, Bliss makes sure to dress to her absolute best. As she was the Smackdown Women's Champion at the time, Bliss had to make sure to look at her best at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony earlier this year and chose the perfect outfit. Alexa is pulling off a gorgeous dress in this picture where she looks extremely hot as well. She isn't really revealing anything in this picture either but looks extremely sexy pulling off this amazing dress and proves why she can look even sexier if she puts on something gorgeous.

3 Nia Looking Fierce


Nia Jax may get some unwarranted flak about her figure and how curvy she is, but she's actually quite hot. Something many might not know about Nia is that she is actually a former model and going by how beautiful she is, that doesn't really surprise us. Nia is a woman you don't want to mess with because of how strong she really is, but this picture shows just how gorgeous Nia is in real life. She's pulling off this simple yet sexy outfit, as her perfectly curved figure can be seen in all its glory. Nia says that she isn't like most girls and going by how stunning she looks in this picture, many would be glad that she isn't.

2 Alexa's Blissful In-Ring Outfit

Alexa Bliss has to be one of the hottest divas to come out from NXT in it's short history, as she wasn't as popular as the likes of Charlotte or Sasha Banks or Bayley on NXT because of her poor initial gimmick. But after she did a make-over and changed herself into this sexy, evil diva, everything changed for her. Bliss was given a push on the main roster and is currently one of the top divas within a year of her debut and her looks have definitely influenced her amazing run. Bliss wears the most amazing in-ring gear, as this picture of Bliss showing off her in-ring gear shows as such. This picture shows just how stunning she can look when she decides too as she looks hot as hell in this picture where she reveals her "assets" perfectly and also keeps her natural beauty intact.

1 Team Rude Selfie


Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have formed up quite a formidable team in the WWE ever since reuniting on Monday Night Raw, as the so called "Team Rude" love to hang around backstage and always each others' back. Bliss and Nia have asserted themselves as two of the most gorgeous women around right now in WWE, as their friendship is something which has earned them spots on "Total Divas" next season as well. This selfie of Team Rude shows just how gorgeous the both of them really are, as their glaring facial features make them look absolutely amazing in this picture. Both Alexa and Nia are absolutely stunning and prove why many people have been wooing over them for so long, as this picture displays beauty at its highest form!

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