Roman Reigns' Attacker Storyline Was "Botched So Bad" By WWE [Rumor]

The Roman Reigns' attacker storyline has been ongoing for well over a month now, and the latest chapter of this bizarre saga will see The Big Dog go up against Erick Rowan at Clash of Champions.

On last week's episode of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan reviewed surveillance footage of the first attack on Reigns. Rowan was spotted on tape, and an angry Bryan berated his sidekick and ordered him to leave.

Bryan was able to clear his name, but he and Reigns were brutally attacked by Rowan to close out this week's episode of SmackDown. This included Rowan slamming Bryan on the announcer's table to close out the show.

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Now, Reigns will get a chance to gain revenge on Rowan when they meet at Clash of Champions in nine days. We'll see if that wraps up the attacker storyline, or if it'll continue over the long run.

But a WWE insider told Tony Maglio of The Wrap that the Reigns' attacker segment was "botched so bad" to the point where "explaining to anyone what it was supposed to be wouldn’t make any sense at all."

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Two weeks ago, Bryan and Rowan informed Reigns that they had found the mysterious attacker. At the end of the show, they revealed a person who looked exactly like Rowan. Well, the report from Maglio outlined that new SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff and the creative team received "scrutiny" for the Rowan doppelganger segment.

WWE has pieced together plenty of strange and unsuccessful storylines in recent years, and Vince McMahon has parted ways with numerous writers here in 2019. There's a reason why he brought Bischoff and Paul Heyman (the Raw Executive Director) aboard. The chairman essentially acknowledged the need for stronger storylines and a better product, but he's in good hands with the hires of two legendary writers and executives.

What's Next For The Attacker Storyline?

Bryan and Reigns were reportedly supposed to face off at SummerSlam, but WWE chose to continue the attacker storyline - and we should see the two face off at another pay-per-view down the road. As such, the Reigns' attacker saga is unlikely to end any time soon - whether you like it or not.

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