WWE Bringing Back The Diva Search?

via allwrestlingdivas.com

WWE brought back Tough Enough this year, and now it looks like they're going to be bringing back another reality show/competition of theirs in the form of the WWE Diva Search, a contest they held from 2004 to 2007. The prize for previous Diva Searches was a one-year contract worth $250,000 and the contest would be held on RAW.

The show is likely going to air on the WWE Network with USA Network executives reportedly not being happy with Tough Enough.

A challenge for this Diva Search will be making it a lot less sexual than it was for WWE when they did it a while ago. Moments from past Diva Searches include 'challenges' such as eating ice cream cones and pies. It also took place during a time when WWE was essentially hiring models, rather than wrestlers. Still, the Diva Search proved to pay more dividends for the company than Tough Enough, as the show brought in several Divas and Women's Champions including Layla, Michelle McCool, Eve Torres, Maryse, Maria and Candice Michelle.

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