Will The Entire Broken Universe Return Alongside 'Broken' Matt Hardy?

Broken Matt Hardy is back, and as of right now it appears that he is going to be bringing the whole cast of the Broken Universe along with him.

This past Monday we saw the beginnings of Matt Hardy's Broken Universe becoming a part of Monday Night Raw. Hardy suffered a crushing defeat to Bray Wyatt and clearly the loss triggered something deep within the veteran. Matt sat in the corner of the ring and yelled 'delete' over and over again before Michael Cole declared that we were witnessing Hardy having a breakdown.


Finally Matt has become Broken in WWE, or Woken as they seem to be going with. What made the gimmick so good in Impact Wrestling though was the cast of characters that came along with Broken Matt. Jeff Hardy will likely resume his role as Brother Nero when he returns, Senor Benjamin is once again preparing the battlefield, and we may even see Matt's real life wife and son, Reby and King Maxel.

Since Monday, Matt has been inundating Twitter with Broken and Woken references and confirming that what we assumed we saw on Monday night is in fact true. What we have also witnessed on Twitter is the rebirth of Vanguard 1, Hardy's trusty drone and loyal servant in the Great War. Vanguard 1's twitter account had laid dormant since February, but on Thursday the account tweeted out a GIF of random computer code.

The code is akin to that of a computer starting up, and obviously suggests that Vanguard 1 is rebooting and has become sentient again in order to return to his master's side. Ever since the Broken Universe coming to WWE has been a possibility fans have understandably been worried about how the company would handle it. It may be early days but judging by what we've seen on Twitter so far it would appear that WWE are letting Matt take the lead with it, as they should.



Ironically what made the Broken Universe so great in TNA was how terrible it was. The budget for things such as The Final Deletion was low and it added to the whole aesthetic of the gimmick. WWE need to capture that and embrace it if they want this to work on their terms. They will likely try to make the whole thing crisp and high-budget, and if they do, this Broken reboot may not be what we all want it to be.

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