Brooklyn Brawler Shoots On Advice He Gave The Rock After His First Match

During Wednesday's Ross Report, the former WWE Superstar and backstage producer Brooklyn Brawler was a guest and talked about how when The Rock first came into the WWE that the company was very high on him.

Brawler actually wrestled The Rock during The Great One's first ever WWE match. He even went to dinner with The Rock after and told him to stay quiet and keep his mouth shut as he continues to grow as a wrestler.

"I went to dinner with him that night and all of sudden a little bit of ego came out. He said, 'I'm not happy they only offered me this much money.' I said Rock, if you don't shut your mouth, nobody knows you, I said you realize when you walk to ring you got no reaction whatsoever because they didn't know how he was yet. I said shut your mouth and let it grow," said Brawler.

That's some great advice. Brawler's words of wisdom clearly paid off for The Rock, who is now one of the most famous WWE wrestlers ever.

Brawler was very impressed with The Rock's confidence as a new wrestler. He says it wasn't arrogance, but confidence that made you want him to win each and every night he was in the ring.

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This wasn't Brawler's first match with a rookie who would go on to be a big deal with the WWE (or at the time WWF). In fact, he also worked with Bret Hart and Ricky Steamboat during their first matches.

While he made a career working under Vince McMahon, Brawler was let go from the WWE, but he admitted that this past year has been great now that he's no longer a part of the company. He even claims that he's making more money wrestling two nights a week while also doing comedy on the side.


In order to be able to tell his story, Brawler says he just released an audio book on Amazon called Brawler Unfiltered. He claims that it's cheap. We checked it out on Amazon and it says it is actually free.

Ross also asked Brawler a question that we would all like to know. How was he able to stay in the WWE for 30 years? The answer was simple. He said he just kept his mouth shut and did his job. That will certainly help anyone stay at a job for such a long time.

The Brooklyn Brawler, whose real name is Steve Lombardi, is now 65 years-old and made his wrestling debut all the way back in 1983. With a 34 year career, it's remarkable he's found such longevity. He started his career with the WWF under his real name and became a heel right away.

Some of Brawlers' finishing moves are the Boston Crab, Sidewalk Smash, Superplex and a Swinging neck breaker.

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