Is WWE Building A Rollins And Ambrose Vs Usos Match?

WWE appears to be playing up a "champions vs. champions" match as The Usos and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose exchange barbs on Twitter.

At SummerSlam, both Raw and SmackDown Live crowned new Tag Team Champions. Two-thirds of The Shield, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, picked off Sheamus and Cesaro, while on the blue brand, The Usos managed to re-take their title back from The New Day. While both teams likely have title rematches to worry about against the respective teams they took their new found titles from, that hasn't stopped the pairings from setting up another match down the line.

Last week, posted a poll asking the WWE Universe which team they believed has the best chance of defeating the new Raw Tag Team Champions. At the moment the Hardy Boyz are clear favorites in the poll, but in second place with 16% of the backing are their SmackDown Live counterparts, The Usos. Needless to say, it sparked an idea in the minds of both sets of champions.

Upon seeing the poll, The Usos took to Twitter and exclaimed that they'll "take those titles too." Seth Rollins did not take long to respond, simply saying "any time ish," mocking Jimmy and Jey's signature catchphrase in the process. Since then, has run an article on the interaction, suggesting that it's perhaps a little more than a way for the two teams to get the fans talking. Along with that, the Raw commentary team made mention of the interaction this week, adding more fuel to the fire.



This isn't the first time that The Usos tried to spark a cross brand rivalry while holding SmackDown Live's top tag team gold. Earlier this year, the Samoan twins went to the show's General Manager, Daniel Bryan in an attempt to get a match set up between themselves and then Raw Tag Champions Gallows and Anderson. They had no such luck of course, but with the curiosity of WWE behind them and Survivor Series on the horizon, they may have more luck this time.

Since the draft last year, WWE has been relatively reserved when it comes to letting Superstars from opposing brands mix. In fact, if last year's event is anything to go by, it would seem that the company is attempting to make Survivor Series the one time a year that Raw clashes with SmackDown Live. Last year's pay-per-view featured an elimination match involving tag teams from either brand, so maybe that's when we'll see the brands' respective champions clash.

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