10 Current WWE C-Listers That Should Be Bigger Stars

The WWE roster is arguably more talented than its ever been given the depth. WWE has been ruthless on the free agent market when it comes to signing all the top names. The company wants to have enough talents for Raw, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live along with a huge group training at the Performance Center. Quite a few talented performers barely get television time on any of the brands despite their potential.

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We will look at the wrestlers that would be considered C-listers in their current status in WWE. The upside of these talents should see them having better careers. Time will tell if WWE ever gives them a bigger push to move further up the card, but they deserve to at least have the chance to showcase their skills. Find out just who is flying under the radar with ten current WWE C-listers that should be bigger stars.

10 Buddy Murphy

The 205 Live run of Buddy Murphy showed the wrestling world just how talented he was. NXT spotlighted him in tag team work with Wesley Blake as they struggled to get to the main roster. Murphy was clearly better off as a singles star.

Incredible matches against Cedric Alexander, Ali and others inspired WWE to call him up to the main roster. Murphy sadly has done nothing of note for the past few months. The first real angle for him came due to unintentionally being in the background of a Roman Reigns segment.

9 Liv Morgan

Another wrestler that struggled to get television time after the superstar shakeup is Liv Morgan. The impressive work of Morgan, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan allowed them to perform together in the trio faction as the Riott Squad.

WWE split the group up with Morgan moving to Smackdown and starting a singles career. Liv did not get any television time until Kevin Owens name dropped her among others left off television when cutting a promo against Shane McMahon. Morgan received one match against Charlotte Flair the following week and has been off television again since then.

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8 Chad Gable

The tag team run of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan gave fans hope of American Alpha finding success on the main roster. Despite winning the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, WWE split them up within a year. Gable has been struggling to break out since losing his first tag partner.

A couple of recent 205 Live appearances facing off with Jack Gallagher showed the potential of Gable in singles action. WWE is still struggling to find a role for him as he has appeared in a few backstage Smackdown segments. Gable deserves better during the prime years of his career.

7 Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode has achieved success on various credible platforms before joining the WWE main roster. Success world title reigns in Impact Wrestling and NXT each showcased just how well Roode could perform as a top singles act.

The main roster call-up as a face hurt his momentum since fans were used to his heel act in NXT. Roode has turned heel since then, but he is still struggling to get hot again WWE mostly uses him in the 24/7 division instead of the upper level work he has thrived in elsewhere.

6 Kalisto

Kalisto is an extremely talented luchador that has been on the WWE roster for many years now. The hope was to make him the biggest masked wrestling star since Rey Mysterio. Kalisto did receive a couple of United States Championship reigns and had impressive matches against Ryback of all people.

WWE would go hot and cold on their booking of Kalisto to end any momentum. A low point featured Braun Strowman throwing him into a dumpster making him look like a joke in the process. Kalisto is struggling on 205 Live and deserves a better opportunity given his skill set.

5 Ali

The success of Ali on 205 Live made him a rising star on the WWE roster. It made sense when the company put him on the main roster to face off with Daniel Bryan. Ali has delivered incredible matches any time he’s been placed into the situation to succeed.

An injury slowed down his push and helped create an opportunity for Kofi Kingston to break out for his WWE Championship reign. WWE has remained hesitant to push Ali since the return as he’s still waiting for a big storyline. Ali is a wrestler WWE can find massive success with if they just give him the chance.

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4 Andrade

Another incredible talent that is in the mid-card waiting for a bigger storyline would be Andrade. The pairing with manager Zelina Vega works perfectly and found them success in NXT when he won the NXT Championship. Andrade has had amazing matches with Rey Mysterio on the main roster, but he has not done much outside of it.

WWE was reportedly high on pushing Andrade earlier in the year. The booking doesn’t show it as Andrade struggles to get match time on television and has rarely been a part of any real storylines. Andrade could be a main event level player and world title contender if WWE treats him as such.

3 Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander dominated the 205 Live landscape as the soul of the show. The matches with Buddy Murphy, Ali, Drew Gulak and many others gave Alexander a reputation as one of the most underrated talents in the entire company.

WWE called him up to the main roster and did nothing of note with him until a recent storyline with Drew McIntyre. If they continue giving Alexander time, he can move up the card to fulfill his potential. Until then, he remains a C-Lister inconsistently putting over others in limited time.

2 Naomi

The women’s division in WWE has seen Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans and Ember Moon recently get pushes. One woman that continues to fly under the radar despite her successful track record is Naomi. The prior Smackdown Women’s Championship reigns of Naomi showed that fans would support her in the role.

WWE has done nothing of note with Naomi since the end of her last title reign in 2017. Naomi has not received many storylines and is struggling to get any television after moving over to Raw in the superstar shakeup. WWE is wasting the best years of one of their most talented female talents.

1 Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn may very well be the most underrated and underutilized wrestler on the WWE roster today. The NXT run of Zayn put the brand on the map and showcased just how brilliant of a performer he is when used right. Even his main roster feud with Kevin Owens sparked a great story with the rare chance to shine on the bigger platform.

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The rest of Zayn’s time on the main roster has been a huge disappointment with WWE rarely doing anything with him. Zayn has recently been used to put over other talents in slightly embarrassing fashion. If WWE doesn’t start using him well, there is a great chance he’ll jump ship to another promotion to perform at the best of his abilities.

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