10 WWE Catchphrases We Cannot Believe Got Over

Part of the fun of going to a WWE show, or any other live event experience, is the ability to “sing along” with the stars. When the superstars start tossing out their catchphrases, a lot of fans start chanting right along with them. The fans have even come up with plenty of their own over the years - even though they chant “This Is Awesome,” nearly as much as the “What” chants.

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From “Whatcha gonna do?” to “Suck it,” to “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking,” there have been plenty of memorable catchphrases over the years. Those are the obvious catchphrases though, here are 10 WWE Catchphrases We Cannot Believe Got Over.

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10 Slobberknocker

The fans don’t chant it and the live crowds don’t hear it, the audience at home used to hear Jim Ross call matches Slobberknockers all the time. It’s a silly word to say and anyone else saying it would earn a grimace from more or less the entire wrestling community. But out of good ol’ JR’s mouth, it just seemed right and it made everyone listening know that business was about to pick up. The phrase was even used as the title of JR’s first memoir.

9 What?

From a prank call to his friend Christian - What?! All the way to most recently on Raw, the What chants have never truly gone away. That’s mainly because of how over Stone Cold was and still is.

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But it’s also how the Texas Rattlesnake used it. After an opponent railed against him - “What?!” During all of his promos, which allowed for Austin to be completely ridiculous. Or just when he was stomping a mud hole into opponents, the What chants have become a fabric of WWE fandom.

8 Mister Kennedy... Kennedy

Ken Kennedy seemed to be on a lightspeed track to superstardom. But for whatever the reason, injuries and backstage politics curtailed his WWE career. However, Kennedy did know the power of showmanship. His entrance not only involved him announcing himself, but the way that he did it allowed for the crowd to join along. He’d epically summon an old-school mic to descend from the heavens and announce himself as “Miiiiissssstttteeerrrr Kennnneeeedddyyyy.” To top it all off, he’d give it his own echo “...Kennedy!”

7 Really?!

The Miz is proof-positive that you can get over despite overwhelming odds and negativity. All you need is hard work and perseverance. First he was a great heel, eliciting the kind of vitriol of great bad guys of yesteryear. He did it by doing what a lot of great bad guys do - believe they’re right in their convictions. Miz would even just ask the crowd, “Really?” to whatever the crowds heard or what they were chanting. Now that he’s a babyface, the crowd asks the question with him against his opponents.

6 Never, Ever Be The Same, Again

The youngest AEW world champion in history is still showing that he can get literally anything over. Case in point, with Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho was able to get the world “it” over. Even goofier than that or The List Of Jericho, would be one of his earlier catchphrases. Y2J would tell his opponents that they would “Never, ever be the same again!” Even the crowd would join him in the same strange inflections he would use on the words “eeevvvveerrr” and “A-gain.”

5 You Can’t See Me

John Cena didn’t ask his opponents what they were gonna do. Nor did he offer up a beer or two to his partners and opponents. He didn’t even threaten to whup anyone’s monkey-derrière. The Doctor Of Thuganmoics just went about his business and asked his fans to Never Give Up, which is a very admirable trait to instill in the youth of the WWE universe.

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But for some strange reason, right before dropping the Five Knuckle Shuffle on his opponents, he’d give the “You can’t see me,” catchphrase. To this day, no one exactly knows why he can’t be seen, but the phrase did inspire a Clear Cena POP Vinyl figure, so maybe he’s onto something.

4 I’m The Guy

The incessant and unfounded hatred of Roman Reigns has seemingly subsided a little bit, but so has the incessant need to make him the new face of the company. A few years ago, when he wasn’t earning the cheers of the crowd, and the crowd was booing him out of the building - not necessarily a slight on Roman, just a slight on the way he was booked, the Big Dog would emphatically tell crowds that he’s not a good guy or a bad guy, he’s just the guy. Whoever thought of this idea should step aside and let someone else get a turn - it sort of got over, but the milquetoast catchphrase was never going to push Roman to the stratosphere.

3 What’s Up?!

What’s Up? Is a pretty easy catchphrase to get over - especially when you’re R-Truth. You just have to saunter and strut to the ring with some catchy rap song and shout the chorus “What’s Up?!” to the WWE Universe. Then ask whatever city you’re in the same question a “Cleveland, Ohio - What’s Up?!” and you have the ingredients of an instantly over catchphrase. It’s just reason number 973 Vince likes having R-Truth around.

2 Burn It Down

What exactly are we burning down, Seth? The crowd chants “burn it down,” along with the current Universal Champion, usually right before the Curb Stomp happens. In his promos, when the crowd is pumped, Rollins claims that’s he means when says “Burn It Down.”

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It might be fun to cheer, and it’s definitely over, but it’s one of those phrases that works only in wrestling. Try that out in at any other sporting event and the people around you don’t know what you’re doing, chances are you’re going down.

1 Yes

One word didn’t just change the course of Daniel Bryan’s career, it became a movement. It altered the course of a WrestleMania and how fans proclaim whether they like something or not. The Yes Movement got so massive that took over sporting events outside of wrestling for a while. When Bryan returned at WrestleMania 34, the Power of Yes was behind him. Despite being a massive heel nowadays, the second he turns back - the Yes Movement will be reborn.

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