Rubbing It In: WWE Celebrates 1st Anniversary Of Becky Lynch Being The Man

Becky Lynch celebrated her one-year anniversary of being "The Man" this Friday - and WWE helped her celebrate it.

The female superstar is coming off quite a year, having shot to the top of the women's division over the course of the last 12 months. The run saw her win both the Raw and SmackDown titles in a monumental WrestleMania main event back in May. And, while she's since relinquished the latter, she doesn't appear to be slowing down.

The moniker in question came about when Becky referred to herself as "The Man" during a segment on SmackDown on October 18.

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On Friday, exactly a year from the first time she called herself what's now one of the most popular phrases around the WWE Universe, she took to Twitter to issue a short statement.

"One year ago today I said the word "I am The Man" and it started the greatest 12-month ascent in WWE history," she wrote. "I was trying to turn on you, but you wouldn't let me.

"You were all right. Thank you."

WWE also got on Twitter to wish the company star a "Happy MANiversary."

WWE Playlist has also released a special installment of a digital series called Becky Lynch The Man Year In Review.

So What About That Trademark?

Ric Flair revealed he wanted to trademark "The Man" and appeared to be involved in a spat with the company over the nickname as he says he wants to get paid for its use.

The Hall of Famer claims to have come out with the term during his wrestling days and was expecting WWE to offer him some form of compensation. Flair says he has no problem with Becky continuing her run as "The Man" but just wants to be rewarded, especially as "The Man" is now a feature on company merchandise.

He's since appeared on WWE programming and is involved with the upcoming Crown Jewel; so all is well, it would seem.

In any case, Becky and WWE are rubbing it in.

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