WWE Celebrates Its Best Quarter In Company History

Stephanie McMahon declares via Twitter that WWE just had their most successful quarter in the company's entire history.

When it comes to professional wrestling, WWE is the biggest game in town. In fact, they have been since they bought out WCW in 2001, and there simply isn't any arguing against that. Yes, there is more pro wrestling out there right now than there has ever been in the form of Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and countless independents, but when it comes to sheer size and reach none of them hold a candle to WWE.

Despite all of that though, on the surface, some may believe that WWE is a little strapped for cash. Fan photos from half-empty arenas that are being craftily hidden by WWE's camera work suggest ticket sales are down. The removal of pyrotechnics from Superstar's entrances is also a pretty stringent cost-cutting measure for such a supposedly affluent company.


News from Stephanie McMahon would suggest that WWE is not in any sort of financial trouble at all. According to the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, the pro wrestling juggernaut just enjoyed the most financially successful quarter in their entire history. Clearly, Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion is proving to be a lot more popular than it might seem.

That's obviously not entirely true, but unfortunately, Vince McMahon and WWE executives may very well point to these numbers whenever anyone questions their decision to make The Modern Day Maharajah WWE Champion. Mahal held the company's most coveted prize for the entirety of the quarter in question after all. These latest numbers will only solidify Roman Reigns' confidence as well who used WWE's figures during his time on top as ammo against John Cena during their heated rivalry.


No matter what WWE decides to use these numbers to justify, the company making money is good news for everyone involved from the chairman all the way down to the fans. More money for the company means better pay for the Superstars and hopefully a better product for the fans. Plus, it only further confirms that no one knows how to run a wrestling company quite like Vince McMahon, no matter what you might think.

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