Kellogg's New Froot Loops Box Is Really Similar To New Day's Cereal

Big E thinks Kellogs might be heading into gimmick infringement territory. Over the past few weeks and months, there have been plenty of headlines when it comes to intellectual property and the wrestling industry.

First, there was Matt Hardy getting in a dispute over the "Broken" gimmick owned by Anthem Sports. Then, there was the debate about who owned the name Global Force Wrestling when Jeff Jarrett was removed from Anthem Sports and the result was the company changing its name back to Impact Wrestling. Finally, there was the WWE and their cease and desist letters to the Young Bucks tag team in Ring of Honor (ROH) who for using the "Too Sweet" and "DX Chops" in their moves and in-ring maneuvers.

The last one made for some interesting debate as the Young Bucks immediately took to making a t-shirt they could sell that poked fun at the WWE for banning the hand gestures. The shirt became an immediately top-seller. In this spirit of poking fun, recently Big E, of the New Day, got in on the action.

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Big E recently posted a tweet after coming in contact with a box of Kellogg's cereal that reminded him an awful lot of Booty-O's (the cereal WWE created to go inline with the New Day tag team's gimmick).

The New Day have made unicorns cool again and Kellogg's Froot Loops decided unicorns would sell cereal.

While the Tweet was likely meant to poke fun and have good laugh, it's not too far out there to suggest that upper-management in the WWE might take issue with the cereal if for some reason they believed there were some intellectual or copyright issues being infringed upon. It wouldn't be beyond them to send a cease and desist letter to Kellogg's.

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The Young Bucks definitely think it's not beyond the WWE to stoop that low. After Big E tweeted the photo, the ROH tag team and independent sensations tweeted a response.

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