WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Is Working Hurt

Jinder Mahal has been wearing Kinesio Tape on his shoulder during his house show matches meaning that he is working through an injury.

At Hell In A Cell last weekend, Jinder Mahal managed to defend his WWE Championship and further continue his run as SmackDown Live's crown jewel. Many fans believed that this latest defense by The Modern Day Maharajah would be his last and that Shinsuke Nakamura would finally have his crowning moment, but it was not to be.


What's shocking is WWE's persistence with Jinder Mahal and having him as their champion. It's hard to argue that SmackDown Live isn't struggling with Mahal at the helm. The attendances for the brand's shows, even the televised ones on Tuesday nights, are way down. Plus on top of that, the United States Championship scene currently involves Superstars with a lot more talent when it's supposed to be the show's secondary title. Now, it seems there is yet another reason to have Jinder drop the belt.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Mahal seems to currently be working with an injured shoulder. On top of that, fans noticed that at live events the WWE Champion has been wearing Kinesio Tape on his shoulder, akin to what Cesaro wears. The strange thing about that is he hasn't been wearing it on television. That likely means one of two things. Either the injury isn't that bad and doesn't require Mahal to wear the tape every time he performs, or WWE doesn't want the fans to know Mahal is hurt.

If it is the second of the two reasons, then that's both a good and a bad thing. Clearly, if Jinder needs the tape every time he wrestles, then he should be wearing it every time he wrestles. On the other hand, the last thing WWE wants is to give fans more ammo for why Mahal shouldn't be WWE Champion. Clearly, they're trying to get somewhere with the Indian-Canadian Superstar despite the fans' protests.


While there are selfish reasons for WWE not to have Mahal wearing the tape on TV, it's unlikely that they would use them to justify it. If Mahal needed the tape all the time, then he would be wearing it no matter what. Watch this though as if the injury is worse than it seems right now, we could be about to see a Survivor Series tournament for a vacant WWE Championship akin to the one The Rock won in 1998.

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