WWE Changes John Cena's Role At Survivor Series 2017, Will Wrestle

The final member of SmackDown Live's Survivor Series team has been announced. John Cena will make his return and join Team Blue's ranks.

One of the biggest matches at Survivor Series on Nov. 19, 2017, will be the five on five men's elimination match. The ten-person bout will pit five of Raw's best Superstars against five of SmackDown Live's. Kurt Angle will captain Team Red and be joined by Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Jason Jordan, while Shane McMahon's chosen stars are Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, and Randy Orton.

You likely noticed that leaves one space left to fill on Team SmackDown. It seems that WWE went back and forth a lot over who will fill that final spot. Initially, Rusev and AJ Styles were supposed to battle for it, but then The Phenomenal One was instead placed in a WWE Championship match. Then Rusev had a win-and-you're-in match against the already qualified Orton, but he lost.


Well, on Wednesday morning, SmackDown Live's team captain Shane McMahon took to Twitter to reveal who his fifth choice was, and it's a big one. The fifth and final member of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series will be WWE's resident free agent, John Cena. The 16 time World Champion will return to WWE for the first time since No Mercy when he lost to Roman Reigns.

It was unclear exactly when WWE were planning to reintroduce Big Match John to WWE television, but most fans probably assumed that it wasn't going to be as soon as Survivor Series. If anything, the thought was that Cena would return in order to take on and defeat Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship, but that honor was bestowed upon AJ Styles on Tuesday night.


It feels like WWE has been trying to reshuffle the deck on SmackDown Live in the past seven days, hence the major title change on Tuesday night. This seems like an odd place to do it though with less than two weeks to go until Survivor Series. Clearly, Vince McMahon finally decided to pull the plug on Jinder as champ and because of actions surrounding that John Cena has had to return to the ring a little earlier than he might have been expecting.

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