Has WWE Changed Their Plans For The New Day?

Tonight the WWE opened up their Hell In A Cell pay-per-view with a match between The Usos and the reigning SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, The New Day. Just like the last four times these two teams have gone at it during their current feud, they put on another battle worthy of a "This Is Awesome" chant.

The match put the two teams in the Hell In A Cell match and featured a chain, a trombone, a cowbell, a drum cymbal used as weapons and about 10-15 kendo sticks. In the end, after a crazy hard-fought battle, The Usos emerged victorious and took back the championship belts that The New Day had taken from them at their Son city Streetfight.

What is interesting about this is that the win gave The Usos their fifth tag team championship. While The New Day is currently sitting on four tag team championship reigns. And this is interesting because it brings up the question of whether or not the WWE has changed their mind about their long-term plans for The New Day.


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Back in August at SummerSlam, it was a pretty big shock when The New Day lost their championship belts to The Usos. However, there seemed to be a bigger picture reason why it happened. At the time Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter was reporting that the WWE had plans for The New Day to become the "greatest tag team of all-time."

They already hold the record for the longest running championship reign at 483 days. And that leaves the most tag team championships as the next record for them to break on their way to becoming the greatest of all time.

So, with that in mind, it made sense for them to lose to The Usos back at SummerSlam since they have to lose the championship to win it back and add to their titles number. However, as previously discussed the loss tonight at Hell In A Cell puts The Usos ahead of them on the list with five titles (The Hardy Boyz have six, Edge & Christian have seven and The Dudley Boys have nine).

Maybe these matches with The Usos have been so good and so well received that the WWE felt it was worth it to keep it going a little while longer. And there is still some buffer room between their current numbers and the all-time record that The New Day can win back the championship and then move on to another feud and work towards 10 while keeping The Usos at five and away from the title picture for a while.

This will definitely be something to watch going forward as they continue their great feud.


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