8 WWE Wrestler Children Who Could Take Their Dads In A Fight (And 7 Who Have No Chance)

The wrestling world is often seen as one big family, which is why it isn't really a shock when you sit back and realize just how many second and third generation wrestlers there are, with countless top stars following in their father's footsteps to become wrestlers themselves. Sometimes this leads to legends being born who eclipse what their fathers ever did such as Bret Hart or Randy Orton and other times it fails to amount to much. Some children don't follow their father's footsteps, and many fans would even wonder if the two were even related at all. But it is always neat to see the path they choose under the shadows of their legendary parents.

Despite the fact that they have youth on their sides, a lot of the wrestlers who will appear on this list still couldn't even lace up their father's boots and lack the strength to be able to hang with them in a legitimate fight. For other cases, it isn't so much that the son is weak, but that the father has created such a tough reputation that it would be impossible for them to hang in a real battle.

Throughout this list, we will be looking at many second and third generation wrestlers or children of legends who have had varied success, and determining whether they have what it takes to take on their father's in real-life fights. We picked eight who we believe have what it takes to take their fathers and seven who simply have no chance.


15 Could Take Them: Randy Orton

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It has been said on multiple occasions that if you could sculpt a wrestler from the ground up, the chances are they would look just like Randy Orton. You would probably not say the same for his father.

With that said, Cowboy Bob Orton was one tough competitor during the prime of his career, but a battle between them right now would likely see the Viper come out on top, especially with his known anger problems.

Randy is in the best shape of his entire career right now and we would confidently back him in a fight.

Even if we went back in time and got the young Cowboy Bob, an RKO out of nowhere would definitely be enough to put dad in his place.

14 Have No Chance: Gunner Calaway

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The Undertaker is the most iconic wrestling legend that the WWE has ever seen. Every wrestling fan has been given the privilege of seeing Undertaker carve out a legacy that will likely leave him remembered as the greatest of all time. However, lately his in-ring abilities have drawn criticism as injuries and years on the road have left him less mobile.

However, taking one look at his son it is clear that Undertaker would definitely still have the upper hand in a fight. His son Gunner bares a resemblance to his father, but looks much less muscular. It probably wouldn't take more than one tombstone pile-driver to make sure Gunner loses in a fight with his legendary father.

13 Could Take Them: Dominic Gutierrez

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You might not know that name right now, but in the future, he could easily be one of the major stars of the future if he manages to follow his father's legacy, somebody who will certainly be familiar to you, Rey Mysterio. That's right, Dominic (who was once part of the famous WWE angle between Rey and Eddie Guerrero) is now training to become a professional wrestler himself.

Though the chances of him being a cruiserweight like his father are very slim.

Dominic has grown to be much larger than his father, hence why he would very likely be able to take the legend in a fight. Though when it comes to a professional wrestling match the master of the 619 could still run rings around him as we all saw at the Royal Rumble.

12 Have No Chance: Grand Master Sexay

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The father and son relationship between Grand Master Sexay and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler is one that isn't known as well as others on this list. WWE did once acknowledge it in an awful segment on Monday Night Raw. For those who remember Grand Master Sexay he had a fairly successful run with Too Cool alongside Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty. He was always the member of the group that was easily forgotten about and often took the pinfall.

On the other side, Jerry Lawler had one of the greatest heel careers of all time and even after his health scare is still wrestling and in good shape and would likely be able to take his son in a fight.

11 Could Take Them: Charlotte Flair

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That's right, a female addition to the list. Charlotte Flair is one of the toughest wrestlers on the roster regardless of gender and is more than capable of matching her opponents in the ring and out of it.

Charlotte is a natural athlete and has always been that way.

Given Ric Flair's current poor health, if push came to shove you would probably be better off backing the current Women's Champion to get the upper hand. However, given their incredibly close relationship that is never going to be an issue. Though an in-ring match between them with Ric in his prime would likely have been quite a spectacle. Just the amount of "WOO"ing alone would be cause for excitement.

10 Have No Chance: Alberto El Patron

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Alberto El Patron is in incredible shape at this point in his life, arguably the greatest of his career and is known for having a slightly hot temper. So you might be wondering why he would have no chance against his father.

Well, that is because his Dad is none other than Dos Caras who is known by many as the greatest wrestler in Mexico's history. Just like El Patron, Dos Caras was known for his hard strikes and would be incredibly difficult to defeat in a fight. Despite how tough El Patron might be, it would be his father who would take the upper hand in this bout. How can you possibly measure up to the greatest of all time? Especially if he's your dad.

9 Could Take Them: Ted DiBiase Jr.

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The son of the Million Dollar Man may no longer be an active wrestler anymore.

That doesn't mean he has slacked off in terms of his fitness and his dedication to working out as he is still in brilliant shape.

The same cannot be said for Ted DiBiase Sr. who has let himself go since his wrestling days ended. This means it would not be a surprise to see DiBiase Jr take him easily in a real-life fight between the duo. Even though DiBiase Jr brought his wrestling career to an end before he reached his full potential, he certainly had a strong run with WWE and would be more than capable in a real-life brawl. Unless of course, his father could get him to name his price!


8 Have No Chance: Richie Steamboat

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At one point Richie Steamboat was someone who many people within the wrestling industry had high hopes for and looked set to take after his father and make a major impact in the wrestling world.

Richie competed many times during the early days of NXT and was actually part of the tournament to crown the first NXT Champion where he was eliminated in the semi-finals. However, due to a back injury, he was forced to retire from wrestling completely at a young age. Because of that injury and the problems with his back, it would be the legend Ricky Steamboat who would come out on top in any fight between the pair, not to mention that the Dragon is still in incredible shape. He is also respected among the best wrestlers of all time.

7 Could Take Them: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt and his brother, Bo Dallas come from a legendary wrestling family and were seemingly always destined to have a career in the world of professional wrestling. Whilst he might go through some up and down booking, Wyatt has been seen as a bigger star than his father was.

IRS had a solid wrestling career but was never seen as a main event name.

While Wyatt is slipping into that category, he is a legitimate threat inside the ring and because of his size, you would believe he could take his father in a true fight. Whether the same could be said for Bo Dallas I am not too sure, but Wyatt is a strong athlete who also has excellent cardio which would make him a true threat.

6 Have No Chance: The Usos

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They might be the greatest tag team on the planet right now and are genuine hard hitters, as can be witnessed in their in-ring work, but The Usos are simply no match for their WWE Hall of Fame father, Rikishi. We doubt they would even want to take the risk of having their face jammed into their father's rear.

Perhaps if they double teamed and worked a handicap style fight against the former Too Cool member, then you could believe that the WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions might have a chance, but in any one on one, the chances are slim. The sheer size and power behind Rikishi would make him incredibly difficult to beat in a legitimate fight, no matter how confident the Usos were feeling walking into the moment.

5 Could Take Them: The Rock

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Let's be fair, is there anybody that The Rock can't take in a fight? I mean, first of all, who would actually want to fight Dwayne Johnson, the man is so likeable, humble, and kind natured that it is tough to see him in a situation like that.

Secondly, look at the size of the man. He has transformed himself following his wrestling career and not only is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood in terms of his position in the film world, but also his physical strength is incredible. Whilst his father, Rocky Johnson is no slouch either, it is very tough to see past The Rock and his huge muscles to believe that anybody, his father included, could beat him in a scrap.

4 Have No Chance: Tama Tonga

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If you have seen Bullet Club's Tama Tonga wrestle, then it may come as a surprise to hear that he probably couldn't take his father in a fight as he is one of the toughest wrestlers around right now. But then, when you find out that Tonga's father is, in fact, the legendary Haku, then it begins to make a bit more sense. Haku has gone down in history as one of the toughest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots and he wouldn't go down easily in a fight.

Whilst that doesn't mean that Tama Tonga would be easily beaten either, one thing is for sure, I wish we could have actually seen a match between Tonga and Haku in his prime, it would certainly have been a hard-hitting match to remember.

3 Could Take Them: Renee Dupree

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That's right, the former La Resistance tag team member was actually the son of Candian wrestler/promoter, Emile Dupree, something that not everybody is aware of, mainly because Renee's career never evolved into much.

Despite an early push and memorable feuds with RVD and Kane as well as the Dudley Boyz, he never managed to make a major career for himself as a singles star. But one accomplishment he can take away is that he would very likely be able to take his father in a fight. Granted, Emile is currently 81 and not exactly ready for a fight, so it isn't too much of a positive, Renee has always been in brilliant shape and the same could have been said years ago.

2 Have No Chance: David Finlay


While he might not be known by the WWE Universe just yet, David Finlay is a very promising young wrestler who is currently working around Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling and looks to be a prospect for the future.

His father is well known to most fans simply as Finlay. The Irish wrestler competed all over the world before finishing his career in WWE, where he now works as a backstage agent and has always been considered one of the toughest fighters in the history of wrestling. The stories that have been told about Finlay are legendary and he is certainly not someone you would want to step into a real brawl with, even if you were his son.

1 Could Take Them: Cody Hall

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WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall might have gotten his life back in order after an incredibly dark period that saw him slump into a world of drugs and alcohol, but that doesn't mean he is totally fighting fit and healthy.

That was notable during the recent Raw 25 when all the former DX members hit a wrestling move on The Revival, other than Hall, which showcases that he might not fully be back to his best. Which is why it would be no surprise to see his son, Cody Hall, who has now taken up wrestling take him in a fight. Cody is tall, athletic and well built just like his father used to be, making him very tough to stop.


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