Clash Of Champions Kicks Off With A Big Title Change

Due to the result of Clash Of Champions' opening match, no one will be leaving the PPV as a double champion later tonight.

There were a lot of things to be excited about heading into Clash Of Champions. 11 matches, every single main roster title on the line, and a WWE first. The first time in history that a set of Tag Team Champions would defend their titles together before competing against each other for the Universal Title later that same night.

That was the challenge Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins faced on Sunday night. Since the two Superstars were the only ones competing in two matches, it made sense that their Tag Title defense was the night's opening bout. That way, they could rest for as long as possible before presumably competing once again in the final match of the night.

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The trouble is, there's a way in which that plan could have backfired, and it did. Rollins and Strowman lost the titles in the opening match to Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. That means, at the time of typing this, they are currently stewing backstage over that loss. Letting the tension and pressure build. On the bright side, it will hopefully make for an explosive main event later tonight.

Despite Ziggler and Roode being just as makeshift a team as the now-former champions, they looked a lot more familiar than Strowman and Rollins. Plus, the most interesting aspect of the loss was the pinner and the pinee. The current Universal Champion took the loss following a Glorious DDT from Roode. Strowman addressed that directly after the match, making sure the world was crystal clear that he did not lose the match.

That could mean one of two things. Either Strowman is being set up to be the stronger Superstar and thus become Universal Champion later tonight. Or, Rollins took the loss in this one so that Strowman can in the main event. By the time you read this, you might well know the answer to this quandary. Either way, Clash Of Champions has started with a pretty big bang.

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