5 Things WWE Should Do Following Clash Of Champions (& 5 Things They Should Not)

Clash Of Champions is now in the history books and WWE is already looking ahead to their next pay-per-view event, Hell In A Cell. Two matches taking place inside the famous structure have been announced, with Becky Lynch set to battle Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship and Seth Rollins defending his Universal Championship against The Fiend.

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In order to capitalize on the momentum of its previous PPV and continue the hype into it's next, here are five things WWE should do and five things they shouldn't...

10 Should: Put The Belt On Banks

Sasha Banks has been red-hot in WWE since returning from a four-month hiatus following WrestleMania 35, and if there was ever a point in her career to give her a championship run then it is now. The Boss' heel turn has been well-received by fans, and her Clash Of Champions bout against Becky Lynch left the opportunity open for Banks to win the title.

A feud between The Man and The Boss needs to have high stakes and Banks needs another reign as Raw Women's Champion to remain credible.

9 Shouldn't: Drag Out Kofi Kingston Vs. Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston had an intense showdown at Clash Of Champions with Randy Orton which saw the New Day member hit The Viper with Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall victory. Kingston and Orton have had an entertaining feud but Kingston is in need of fresh competition so as the narrative does not become stale.

Brock Lesnar's arrival on SmackDown and the subsequent announcement of a match between the two for the WWE Championship for SmackDown's first episode on the Fox network seems to signify the end of this feud. Hopefully, it is not a temporary placeholder for the broadcasting transition.

8 Should: Have Kevin Owens Rally The NXT Roster Against Shane McMahon

The storyline between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon has grown slightly convoluted and with the Prizefighter rumored to be returning to NXT, WWE has a perfect opportunity for a fresh narrative.

As a former NXT Champion and developmental stand-out, Owens should be presented as a leader-like figure in the same vein as CM Punk upon his return, rallying the locker room against Shane McMahon. This could lead to an Invasion-type storyline, something which could boost viewership for NXT that might otherwise go to AEW.

7 Shouldn't: Continue With Cowardly Heel Bayley

Bayley's heel turn was an unexpected shock for fans, but a welcomed one. The Hugger's character had grown stale and slightly lost in the shuffle despite holding the SmackDown Women's Championship, and her villainous partnership with Sasha Banks is a never-before-seen rendition of their friendship.

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In order to maintain Bayley's credibility, however, she needs to be presented as a serious threat. Having her flee immediately following her victory over Charlotte Flair at Clash Of Champions could slowly stall her momentum.

6 Should: Give Roode And Ziggler A Lengthy Title Reign

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are both talented wrestlers who have been lost in the shuffle throughout their tenure with WWE. A lengthy run with the Raw Tag Team Championships would strengthen their credibility as well as add to the prestige of the titles.

Roode and Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman for the belts at Clash Of Champions, though their clashes with the Monster Among Men appear far from over.

5 Shouldn't: Extend An Erick Rowan Match

Erick Rowan picked up a surprising victory over Roman Reigns at Clash Of Champions which seems to signify the start of a big push for the former Bludgeon Brother. An appearance from Luke Harper on SmackDown is a good set-up for the former Tag Team Champions to establish rule over the blue brand.

Rowan's bout against Roman Reigns was ill-received by fans, many of whom felt the extended match time hurt the momentum. In that case, the addition of Harper should add a new dynamic to pad out the time.

4 Should: Continue Shinsuke Nakamura And Sami Zayn's Alliance

The dynamic between former NXT Champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn has been a fresh of breath air for the competitors and the SmackDown brand. Nakamura's victory over The Miz should be the start of a winning spree for the Artist with Zayn in his corner.

The Miz is a worthy opponent, but there are other Superstars who have the potential for entertaining feuds in the future. A rivalry with Rusev and Lana would have been interesting, were it not for the Bulgarian Brute's strange new partnership with Maria Kanellis.

3 Shouldn't: Make Brock Lesnar WWE Champion

Brock Lesnar's return on SmackDown was the announcement of a huge match between the Beast Incarnate and Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. That match will be a big draw for SmackDown's move to Fox, but the blue brand would not benefit from a part-time champion in the long-term.

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The credibility of the Universal Championship was hurt by its sporadic appearances on Raw. The WWE Championship is an older title with a history of prestige behind it, but in order to remain relevant, it needs to be held by a full-time competitor and defended regularly. 

2 Should: Push Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross delivered one of her best performances on the main roster at Clash Of Champions, and WWE should capitalize on her momentum by extending her reign alongside Alexa Bliss with the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

The belts need credible champions at this point, and Cross is yet to deliver a big match on the same level as her Last Woman Standing match against Asuka in NXT. A possible program with the Goddess should also be on the cards.

1 Shouldn't: Have The Revival Drop The Belts To The New Day

The New Day is the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in WWE history, and with Kofi Kingston currently holding the WWE Championship, they have cemented their place in SmackDown's spotlight.

The Revival is in need of a run with the belts to build up some of their momentum. Additionally, WWE has a good opportunity to turn either Big E or Xavier Woods heel for a program that would break the hurts of fans as the New Day implodes the same way as The Shield.

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