10 Close Calls In WWE That Could've Gone WAY Worse

It's often easy for us to take for granted the stunts that WWE performers pull on our televisions every single week. They make it all looks so easy and mostly harmless that we don't think of what potential dangers could come if they are even just slightly off mark.

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The grim reality is that accidents do of course happen, some much more severe than others. There are countless stories of a superstar landing wrong or just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time and ending up with career altering, if not ending, injuries. Thankfully not all mistakes end up being so costly.

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10 Orton Throws Singh Brother On Head

While Randy Orton's rivalry with Jinder Mahal may have been lacklustre there was one, or two, entertaining constants throughout the feud, that being the Singh Brothers. The duo proved themselves time and time again to Mahal, willing to take whatever bump was necessary if it meant their man came out on top. Unfortunately for Samir it seemed like Orton knew as much considering that during their title match at Backlash, Randy went to remove the outside threats by throwing them around the floor a bit. Which included a release back suplex onto the announce table where Orton over rotated Singh landing him straight on the top his head leading to the reaction you see above.

9 Nia Breaks Becky's Face

There arguably isn't a hotter act in today's WWE than The Man, Becky Lynch. As her fan support as grown and grown seemingly week after week it's easy to forget just how close we came to having it all de-rail. On the lead up to Survivor Series, Lynch led an invasion of Monday Night Raw that resulted in an all out brawl between the brands in the ring. While trying to fight off some of the Raw women Becky was clocked in the face by Nia Jax resulting in a busted nose and concussion for Lynch.

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While she did have to miss out on her match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, Becky was lucky there wasn't slightly more force or that she wasn't hit in a worse spot and have to miss more time, possibly putting everything she built in jeopardy.

8 Orton Nearly Rips Knee On Announce Table

During a street fight on an episode of Smackdown, Randy Orton found himself brawling with The Big Red Monster, Kane. As street fights tend to do the match spilled to the outside and around the announce table area with each competitor looking for whatever weapon they could find to gain an advantage. Eventually Orton found himself on top of the stripped announce table ready to pounce on Kane but forgot to look where he was walking as he stepped perfectly through the hole left on the table by the TV monitor, sending himself and the table crashing down to the ground at an awkward angle. Orton managed to get up and walk it off, somehow doing no long lasting damage to his knee.

7 Michaels Rib Cracking Moonsault

Back before WrestleMania 24, Ric Flair was put into a tough position by Vince McMahon where he had to win every match or be forced to retire. Flair fought the odds time and time again before being matched up against Mr. WrestleMania himself at the event. While Shawn idolized The Nature Boy he made it clear that there wouldn't be any pulled punches and showed it early on. With Flair positioned by the announce table outside Michaels went for a moonsault, but Ric got out of the way as Michaels come up just short on the flip landing rib first directly on the hard edge of the table.

6 Randy Orton Lands on Monitor

The main event of WrestleMania 30 had perhaps the best build of any event in Mania history with the man of the people, Daniel Bryan, going toe to toe with two company main stays in Batista, and reigning WWE Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. During the contest the two former Evolution members decided to team up and take out Bryan on the outside. As Batista was setting up Bryan for a Batista Bomb through the announce table, Orton laid in wait to combine the already devastating move with an RKO.

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As Randy landed, breaking through the table, he landed square on one of the announcers monitors where he was lucky to avoid any serious back injuries.

5 Undertaker Gets Lit Up By Pyro

The Undertaker has always been known for his spectacular entrances, often involving fire shooting up from the ground accompanying his legendary music and snail like pace. Back at Elimination Chamber in 2010 however his grand entrance almost ended his match before it could even begin. While still near the top of the entrance ramp The Undertaker's fire went off unplanned with the Dead Man still squarely in harms way of the flames. Thankfully no major harm was done and he was able to continue on with the event, The Undertaker should just be glad it wasn't an inferno match

4 Brock Hurls Car Door At Audience

Even though Seth Rollins had successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 31, there probably weren't too many superstars in the back looking to trade places with The Architect. In cashing in that briefcase Rollins made himself the most powerful enemy in modern WWE, Brock Lesnar. Even when Seth was trying to do something nice, like give his lackeys J&J Security a new car, Brock was there to haunt Rollins and his team. Lesnar absolutley demolished the vehicle, smashing windows and even ripping off one of the doors. In his fit of rage Brock grabbed the loose car door and blindly threw it aside, but being the monster that he is the door went sailing into the audience but luckily avoided what would without a doubt be the world's unluckiest fan.

3 Undertaker WrestleMania 25 Dive

One of WrestleMania's biggest dream matches was set to take place back at the 25th version of WWE's grandest event as The Undertaker was to go one on one with Shawn Michaels. Anticipation was at a fever pitch for what these two would be able to do against each other when the lights were brightest but the contest was nearly cut dramatically short when The Undertaker went for a big dive over the top rope to Michaels waiting on the outside.

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As Taker went to leap over the top rope he either clipped his knees or over rotated on the way down causing him to fall back to Earth head first onto a helpless cameraman who was given the impossible task of trying to catch The Deadman.

2 Titus O'Neil Greatest Royal Trip

The Greatest Royal Rumble was set up to be a spectacle of sorts, a way to show more of the world the true magic that the WWE can create with live events. To live up to the name of the event there was a Royal Rumble match on the show, not just any Royal Rumble though, this one had 50 competitors vying for the crown. Everything was going according to plan up until Titus O'Neil's music hit, as the big man made his way to the ring he tripped at the last second, sending himself flying under the ring and narrowly avoiding any of the rigging and various contraband hidden under the ring unlike when a similar situation happened to Yoshi-Hashi in New Japan.

1 Foley Falls Through The Cell

One of the most infamous matches in WWE history has to be the Hell in a Cell contest between The Undertaker and Mankind. First there was Mankind's planned bump, when he was tossed off the top of the cell down into the announcer's desk all the way down on the floor. But it was the second, unplanned, bump but lands it on this list. As both competitors were back on top of the cage The Undertaker went to chokeslam Mankind, who was supposed to bounce off the steel structure but remain up top. Unfortunately the panel Mankind was slammed on gave way sending him crashing down to the canvas below, and if that wasn't enough a steel chair that was on top fell with him and landed square on Mankind's face.

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