WWE Continuing To Look For Answers To Audience Drop-Off

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It has been known for a minute that ratings continue to drop for the WWE's syndicated shows. Vince and company have been looking to shake things up as late, however it has arguably been in a direction that is not favored by fans. After a poorly rated Smackdown on Thanksgiving, WWE has elected to send out emails to its WWE Fan Council on Monday. This email consisted of a survey concerning the state of RAW. However, the questions did not necessarily involve what you would think they would. One would think the survey would focus on Superstars and story lines, but rather it did not.

According to PWInsider.com, the questions on the survey asked things such as when a viewer actually watches the show, when they change the channel, and things more on the line of that. The concern is if the respondent would change the channel during monologues, backstage bits, and recaps. It did not necessarily focus on changing the channel when certain Superstars were on television.

It is good that the attempt is being made to remedy the ratings drops, but the real issue is still the elephant in the room. This new faction-on-faction is a fresh idea, however one can argue that this stems from the success going into Survivor Series. The current story line still feels like it is rehashed, and it all seems to be buying time for the return of John Cena. The questions asked should be, "Who do you want to see the belts on?" or, "Who do you want to see get a push?" It is also worth noting with The New Day siding with the League of Nations, every Championship Belt is now held by a heel. I honestly do not understand why Kevin Owens did not make the cut with the League of Nations. He is Canadian after all.

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