WWE Contracted Killswitch Engage To Make A Theme Song

Metal band Killswitch Engage have been contracted to write two theme songs, one for WWE and one for another unnamed wrestling company.

Despite the likes of Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg performing at recent WrestleManias, the genre of music that is most often associated with professional wrestling is rock and metal. Ever since the Attitude Era, WWE has used heavier music for its entrances and themes for pay-per-views with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, and so many more all contributing tracks to the product in some way.

As touched upon above, ever since WWE veered away from blood and violence and attempted to put on a more PG appropriate show, their relationship with rock music has changed. Hip-hop and RnB are featured more prominently in the present day with rock music being more NXT's forte.

Well, that may be about to change. Loudwire recently interviewed Mike D'Antonio, the bassist from metal band Killswitch Engage, who revealed that they have a WWE project in the works. "We’re not actually even supposed to talk about it, but we have two wrestling theme songs in the works right now," D'Antonio revealed. One of the tracks will be for WWE and the other for a wrestling promotion that he didn't name.


D'Antonio went on to explain that the WWE project is a bit of an odd one. The company sent them a track to cover but admitted that the original is not a good song. Apparently, it actually caused some members of the band to lobby for them not to take it on at all as they didn't want to be associated with it. Those who did want to cover it won out though and although it was a tough ask they've managed to make the best of it.


This upcoming project isn't the only time that Killswitch Engage will have featured on WWE. Before adopting Living Color's Cult of Personality as his theme, former WWE Champion CM Punk would make his way to the ring to the band's track This Fire. It's good to hear that Killswitch will once again feature on WWE programming in some way, especially with D'Antonio being such a big fan of wrestling, and hopefully, will mark a return of more rock and metal music to the product.

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WWE Contracted Killswitch Engage To Make A Theme Song