15 Nauseating Photos Of John Cena And Nikki Bella

Let me start off by saying that both John Cena and Nikki Bella are clearly two of the most beautiful people on planet Earth – clearly both of them are incredibly gifted in the beauty department, and they also appear to be wonderful people who give so much of their time to charitable foundations, which means that they are more or less perfect people. In addition to their striking good looks, they are both incredibly talented professional wrestlers.

John Cena has been on top of WWE longer than any other wrestler in history, and Nikki Bella’s improvement in the ring has made her very popular among fans to the point that they miss her greatly when she is not featured on WWE programming (as evidenced by the pop she received as a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble). Now if all of this is true, I have one question for the world - how is it that such beautiful, kind and talented people take so many cringe-worthy photos?

Just searching the names “John Cena and Nikki Bella” brings up a wide array of uncomfortable and awkward photos of the wrestling power couple, that it is actually sometimes difficult to find ones that are regular pictures! It is comforting to know that they both have the same woes as average people do – not everyone can take the perfect photo 100% of the time, not even Super Cena.


15 On The Red Carpet

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Who would know that such beautiful people could be so incredibly awkward? While I am all for professional wrestlers branching out in to other areas of entertainment, like how John Cena has begun emerging in different movies over his career, being so uncomfortably strange while on a Red Carpet Movie Premiere should be illegal.

If someone waiting in this press lineup had never watched WWE before, and then turned to see a 250-plus pound gargantuan of a man wearing a strange plaid suit while hugging a supermodel who has the cheesiest grin on her face, they would think this is strange.

Now, tell that same person that the man is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers of all time, and that she is the longest reigning Diva’s Champion in history, and their eyebrows would raise even higher.

14 Awkward Halloween

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year – it is a beautifully celebrated holiday where people get to become creative with their costumes, and celebrate all things horrific and scary. While this normally translates into slasher movies like Friday the 13th or Scream, there are few things more genuinely terrifying that John Cena dressed up as Nikki Bella. While technically only John Cena is shown in this photo, both members of Ce-lla are represented here so I figured it was fair game, especially because of how terrifying it is.

Look at the detail he put into this costume – he even has the right shade of lipstick! His hat has “JC” on it instead of “NB”! He really took his time on this! While his dedication to Halloween is appreciated, I don’t think that terrifying Total Divas viewers in this way was a good idea, as it must have hurt their ratings.

13 Awkward Gym Partner

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While not every crazy outfit needs to be worn on Halloween, sometimes they should just stay buried in the closet and never see the light of day. During a Season 3 episode of Total Divas, Nikki and John were scheduled to go to the gym together for a workout during a day off from the road, but instead of showing up for the work out in – you know – normal clothing, Cena didn't do that.

Cena decided to wear a cross between a Lucha Libre and amateur wrestler, which would turn more than a few heads at the local Gold’s Gym.

The only way that I would have popped for this outfit and not considered it to be supremely strange was if Cena brought back his “Juan Cena” character that he briefly worked as in WWE. That would have been considered acceptable, but this is just uncomfortable.

12 Did You Enjoy Her Dancing?

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Remember when I said that I was all for wrestlers branching out into other forms of entertainment outside of wrestling? I forgot to mention that this does not include reality television. Sorry Nikki Bella, but your recent excursion onto Dancing With The Stars was not my cup of tea, with the exception of this hilariously-awkward moment following one of her dances.

While WWE fan’s knowledge of Nikki Bella’s dancing is limited to the eye-popping twirl she does during her entrance, she decided to “unleash her wild side” during a dance inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey films, which included some very close and sensual dancing with her partner.

The dance may have been incredibly steamy, but the host Tom Bergeron decided to make the moment awkward for everyone involved by asking John if he enjoyed her dancing and outfit afterwards, which led to a cringe-worthy moment of Cena pulling this face and then putting up his fists to fight her dance partner. What a strange couple.

11 Squishy Faces

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I think we can both agree that both John Cena and Nikki Bella are two of the most beautiful people on Earth – if they ever decide to have children, that child will likely also be equally beautiful. But, do beautiful people often take very bad photographs? Of course they do! Cena and Bella are certainly no exception to this rule, as there is an array of photos on the Internet of the both of them that do not do them any favors. This one was one of my favorite – between Nikki’s vein popping out of her head and both of their awkward expressions, I could not help but capture just how uncomfortable this moment is.

While Photoshop is a wonderful thing that can make bad pictures beautiful, there is no cure for a silly selfie that showcases just how awkward people can be.

10 Anything For Subscribers

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Not all publicity stunts are created equal, and they do not always translate to “going viral”. When Nikki Bella began to celebrate that her and John Cena would “get naked” on YouTube if the Bella Twins YouTube channel hit 500,000 subscribers, nobody thought they would actually do it.

Now, once the channel did hit this milestone a video was posted with this screenshot attached to it, essentially showing that they did strip down and dance for the camera.

Due to YouTube’s policies there was no nudity shown, but what resulted was a very strange video with both Nikki Bella and John Cena’s private parts conveniently covered by blurry squares.

While this may sound steamy, it is an incredibly uncomfortable video as both of their “acting skills” leave a lot to be desired, with Cena playing the “reluctant naked man” role and Nikki being incredibly eager to strip for her fans.

9 Frat House

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You know how during WWE programming John Cena is portrayed as the ultimate good guy who stands for Hustle, Loyalty and Respect? Well, his appearances on Total Divas have sometimes shown him in the opposite light and portray him as a jerk. While this photo of him dressed as a frat boy may not seem cringe-worthy at first glance, the context behind it are supremely awkward to watch.

During an episode of Total Divas there was a beer-pong tournament featuring John Cena and Nikki, with Cena's friend visiting. Cena decided to show up for the game with an incredibly obnoxious frat-boy persona, which became increasingly annoying for both Nikki and the viewers as he was intolerable to watch as he yelled and screamed throughout the segment. Ultimately, Nikki ended up throwing beer in John’s face, which helped bring him back to reality, but it still showed just how cringe-worthy it would be to hang out with them for the day.


8 Awkward Halloween 2

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Here we are again – it appears that Ce-lla really enjoy dressing up for Halloween in outrageous costumes. While I applaud their commitment to Halloween and all of its glory, there is something extremely awkward about them when they dress up that just makes them seem so uncomfortable. I am a huge fan of the movie Dumb and Dumber, but this photo has made me love it just a little but less.

I will admit that both John and Nikki’s commitment to their costumes and characters is very top notch, but the photos are so incredibly awkward to see that I cannot actually enjoy them.

Their smiles are just so cringe-worthy that all of the love I have for them as wrestlers almost goes out the window. What movie will be next for them to ruin for me? Will they be dressing like ET and Elliot? Perhaps Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa? Some things are just sacred, don’t ruin them!

7 Lumberjacks?

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While I will admit that I did put this on the list of my Steamiest Total Divas Moments article, I will admit that it is all sorts of awkward. Yes, The Bellas look strikingly gorgeous in their lumber-jill garments. Yes, Cena is absolutely jacked and like he has just eaten six horses. But if you look at the photo a little but closer, it situation just looks so uncomfortable – all of their smiles look very forced, and none of them look very happy to be a part of this Total Divas segment.

Let me set the stage – during an episode of the show, a competition was put together featuring John Cena and Daniel Bryan facing The Bella Twins in a Lumberjack competition, complete with wood-chopping and sawing competitions between the two couples. Some reality television segments are just so strange, and this one should be near the top of the list of things that have ever happened on Total Divas.

6 Selfie Time

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While no one can properly pinpoint the exact origin of the “selfie”, one thing has always been clear – some people just look incredibly awkward while taking one. Apparently that also holds true for WWE superstars, as this selfie attempt is incredibly awkward. Not only has Nikki clearly sprung this picture attempt on John which means that he looks like a muscle-bound deer in headlights, she is also pulling off a patented Kim Kardashian-esque duck face for the photo, which is not a flattering look on anyone. Perhaps the end product of this selfie was a great, Instagram-worthy picture, but unfortunately when someone caught the “making” of the selfie, it does not hold up very well. Perhaps not all selfies are created equal, John require some advance warning.

5 Toilet Time

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Well, I think this photo basically speaks for itself – we have John Cena taking care of some “business” behind closed doors, but his girlfriend took it upon herself to sneak in and begin filming him while singing Let it Go from the movie Frozen.

While that song has all been in our heads since the movie release, I don’t feel that this is the time to be getting it stuck in our heads again!

While we normally tend to think of WWE wrestlers as having lives that are so different from ourselves, perhaps they are more relatable than we initially thought. I mean, if I could count how many times a beautiful woman has broken down the bathroom door to sing and record me while I was “occupied”…nevermind, this is strictly just awkward and something that surely only happens in their household.

4 Who Does it Better?

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This photo may not be awkward upon first glance, but if you take the time to view it a little bit closer than you will see just how funny it is. Here we have both Nikki Bella and John Cena applying one of Cena’s signature maneuvers – the STF. Why is it so funny, you ask? Well, Cena has been performing this move since 2006 when he adopted it as a finishing maneuver, and Nikki began using it to pay homage to her boyfriend only in the mid-2010s, and it appears that she has a better grasp of the move than he does! Nikki’s application of the move is making it appear that Natalya is in serious pain with the angle of her elbow securely around Natalya’s neck. Meanwhile, judging by the look on Cena’s face, the move is hurting him more than his opponent Umaga! More than just a little bit embarrassing for Super-Cena.

3 Selfie Time, Take 2

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Okay, I lied – there are worst selfies than the one we already saw. When I go out to dinner with my wife, sometimes we get a little silly as well because it is just a fun thing to do. But this? This is just an uncomfortable photo that now exists on the Internet. John, let’s look at the facts here – you have millions of children who watch every single move that you make because they want to emulate you and follow in your footsteps when they grow up.

How would you feel if each and every member of the Ce-nation began walking around with butter knives in their mouths?

This is serious business Mr.Cena, and your influence over young children holding cutlery in their mouths should not be forgotten. You should be ashamed of yourself, sir. Deeply ashamed. Plus, Nikki Bella kind of looks like she is pushing out a child in the photo, so there is all sorts of wrong that was documented here.

2 Walmart, Anyone?

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Earlier this evening I stopped at my local Walmart to pick up some last minute groceries for dinner, and do you want to know who I saw in the lineup? Certainly not John Cena or Nikki Bella, but if I ever did I hope that it would be as uncomfortable as this photo. I'm a frequent Walmart shopper, and frequent my local store at least once a week for various groceries.

However, the one thing I have never been able to pick up there is a 250+ pound wrestler with over 15 World Championship runs, or his spectacularly gorgeous fiancée (usually here we just have a good sale on crackers).

My favorite part about this photo is not how lost Cena looks in this department store, or how pensive Nikki looks about her upcoming purchase, but the older woman in front of the two in line that does not appear to recognize either of the famous wrestlers behind her.

1 Selfie Time, Take 3

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Okay, I am calling the whole thing off – it is time for John Cena and Nikki Bella to face the facts and recognize that they should not be taking selfies together. I am confiscating all of their iPhones, and taking off the ability of the self-facing camera. This is just a mean and cruel thing to do to the world, and we should no longer be subjected to these incredibly awkward poses and faces that they both decide to make. I’ve had enough, and I will not stand for it anymore. I am starting a foundation called The Ce-lla Selfie Support Fund for those of us who feel personally attacked by the cringe-worthy faces that John Cena takes in these photos. It is time that we stood up for what is right, and rid the world of all this awkwardness! It is time that we fight back – who is with me?


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