10 Real Life WWE Couples That Would Have Been Great On Screen

Due to the large amount of time that wrestlers spend with each other over their careers, on the road, at hotels, traveling the world, it isn't really a big surprise that there have been a lot of relationships between WWE Superstars in history. With modern social media and reality TV shows such as Total Divas, the world has learned a lot more about the relationships that are going on, but this isn't a new trend, as it is something that has happened for years.

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WWE loves bringing real-life couples onto the television screen for storylines, but not every single couple has been exposed on television in the way that Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have recently been, and within this article, we will rank 10 couples that would have been great on television.

10 Edge & Beth Phoenix

What a power couple this could have been inside a WWE ring had the company have brought them together. Two of the most dominant wrestlers of their times, Edge and Beth Phoenix together would have been tons of fun.

With Phoenix being more than capable of mixing it up with her male counterparts, she would have made an excellent partner to Edge, with the Rated R Superstar using his usual slimy heel tactics while Beth used her muscle. This would have been an interesting mix of styles and personalities, but Edge's on-screen relationship with Lita proved he is more than capable of bringing a real romance to the ring.

9 CM Punk & Lita

Obviously, CM Punk and Lita are no longer an item, with the former WWE Champion actually being married to another former WWE Superstar in the form of AJ Lee, which was one couple we got to see on-screen during his feud with Daniel Bryan.

However, seeing Punk and Lita on-screen together could have been tons of fun considering the personalities of both wrestlers from their respective WWE careers, with the pair being two of the biggest names of their eras.

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Seeing them team up with Lita coming back for a few limited matches would have been a great way to bring them together, with the punk pair providing a very interesting story if WWE had worked with it.

8 Corey Graves & Carmella

This is a current relationship that WWE has yet to explore on WWE television, although there have been references on commentary, but, it feels like something that WWE could explore to great effect if they wanted to. While Corey Graves' in-ring career may be overdue to concussion problems, that doesn't mean he has to be restricted to the announce desk, as it would actually be a fun twist to see a male valet/manager for a female talent.

Should Carmella ever turn heel again (which is where she's at her best), then having Corey work at ringside and cut promos for her would be something that could really add a new dimension to her character.

7 Charlotte Flair & Andrade

The 10 Most Powerful Real-Life Couples In WWE Today

Of course, Andrade currently works with Zelina Vega (who is actually married to Aleister Black), but in real life, he is in a relationship with arguably the greatest female wrestler in WWE history, Charlotte Flair.

While Andrade and Vega have great chemistry on-screen and it is a pairing that has worked so far, down the line it would be interesting to see Andrade work with Charlotte Flair in some way. Putting anybody with Charlotte instantly raises the stock of the person involved, and therefore this could really catapult Andrade's career to the main event level, all while keeping Charlotte fresh and interesting.

6 Renee Young & Dean Ambrose

Obviously, this can no longer happen due to Dean Ambrose now being part of the AEW locker room, but this would have been a very fun dynamic to play out on WWE television, especially since both Renee Young and Ambrose are incredibly popular. While their relationship was referenced a few times in interviews, the opportunity to put them together on-screen was never really explored in the way that it could have been to its full potential.

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Due Young's popularity, adding her into a storyline would have been a popular decision in the eyes of the fans, whether it be a wrestler attacking her and bringing out Ambrose's more aggressive side, or her getting in the way to help Dean, this was something that could have worked.

5 Sarah Logan & Erik

Firstly, we are not suggesting that splitting up the Viking Raiders, as that would be a poor move on WWE's behalf as the tag team could be huge if WWE started to book them correctly, as they have recently.

However, placing Sarah Logan, who is married to Erik in real life, into this team in a similar way to how Lita used to work alongside with the Hardy Boyz could be a fantastic way to get her back on television. WWE has struggled to use Logan since the Riott Squad split, which is a shame considering the talent that she has, and given that she lives the Viking lifestyle in her real life, this would be using her own personality but turning it up a notch.

4 Brock Lesnar & Sable

Thinking about Brock Lesnar with anyone else by his side other than Paul Heyman when entering a wrestling ring is a very strange thought, but had it been Sable, just towards the end of her career, then WWE could have been on to something. One of the most popular female wrestlers of all time, Sable would have made an incredible valet for the Beast that would have certainly spiced up his character right from the very start.

There's no doubt that a duo with this much star power would have been sensational together in the ring, with the fans simply being in awe of the star power involved of two physical specimens.

3 Dolph Ziggler & Nikki Bella

The relationship between Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella is fairly well known due to Total Divas, where Nikki has openly discussed it many times as the reality show has made it into a storyline on several occasions. However, even though the E! Network has been happy to address their old romance, WWE never felt the same way, which feels like a massively missed opportunity as they could have been a tremendous heel pairing.

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Ziggler worked alongside Vickie Guerrero to great effect, but having Nikki who could have got physical if needed at ringside could have been amazing, with the pair fitting Dolph's Showoff character due to their looks, which could have worked well.

2 Mickie James & John Cena

While everyone certainly knows about John Cena's relationship with Nikki Bella, some people are not aware of the fact that he actually dated Mickie James for a long period of time before that relationship ever came about.

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At the time, Mickie James was one of the top stars in the women's division, while John Cena was well on his way to becoming the dominating main event talent that people know and love to this day. However, imagine seeing them together on-screen in a storyline, as WWE's rising couple working their way to dominating the top of wrestling, it just could have worked into something.

1 Ronda Rousey & Travis Browne

Ronda Rousey returning to WWE and bringing her partner, Travis Browne with her would certainly be a real statement of intent, with this power couple having the potential to dominate the sport if they wanted to.

With Browne having a legitimate MMA background, just like Ronda, WWE could easily big him up as someone who could legitimately run through the entire WWE roster in a similar way to how his wife did. Having them together on WWE TV would be something that would get people talking and bring eyes to the product, which is never a bad thing either, so perhaps WWE will consider this in the future.

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