8 WWE Couples That Recently Fell Apart (And 7 On The Ropes)

Wrestling seems to be a place for couples in the current era, but many of these couples are not made to last. NXT is usually the place where these relationships are made and it usually turns out that when the travel schedule of the main roster becomes a permanent part of their lives, it becomes much harder for the superstars to remain loyal. It's been a problem for a number of years, and some couples are only made because it's easy to come together on the road. When it starts to get hard, the easiest thing for them to do is go their separate ways rather than try to work on a relationship that perhaps was never going to work out anyway.

Over the past few years alone, a number of WWE couples have decided to split for some of the strangest reasons and with this obviously being the gloomy outlook for a number of current relationships, there could be a number of couples who are currently trying to hold their relationship together. Reports have swirled about many of the troubles in these WWE couple's relationships. While many rumours have also surfaced, the one that is certain is that a relationship in WWE is tough to maintain.

The following list looks at just eight WWE couples who recently decided to call it quits as well as seven that could be following them into the singles clubs in the next 12 months.

16 Split: Paige And Alberto Del Rio

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Paige is a former WWE Divas Champion and became linked with Alberto Del Rio in the spring of 2016. The couple confirmed their relationship on a trip to Disneyland with Del Rio's two kids before their relationship turned into one of the biggest controversies in wrestling throughout 2017.

The couple decided towards the end of last year that the best thing for both of them was for them to go their separate ways. Paige wanted to get her wrestling career back on track and she knew that WWE would never allow her to do that while Del Rio was still looking over her shoulder. Paige hasn't had the best few months, but hopefully, her career will find a way of working itself out in the future.

15 Next: Seth Rollins And Sarah Alesandrelli

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Seth Rollins and Sarah Alesandrelli have been dating now since some time in 2016 following his break-up with former WWE Diva Zahra Schreiber. Sarah and Rollins have been quiet about their relationship for the best part of the past two years, but let's be honest, Rollins doesn't have a great history when it comes to women in his life.

Rollins was part of one of the biggest cheating scandals in history back in 2015 when he cheated on his fiancee of five years Leighla Shultz with Zahra before he later broke up with Zahra and a number of messages were revealed that showed Rollins inviting fans back to his hotel room using Social Media. It's only a matter of time before Rollins turns to his old tricks again because he doesn't seem as though he is the kind of star who wants to settle down.

14 Split: Big Cass And Carmella

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Carmella and Big Cass were much like Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy when it comes to the fact that their relationship began while they were partnered together in NXT. It seems that unlike Alexa and Buddy though, the duo seemingly have recently gone their separate ways.

Carmella was able to break her silence when it comes to the split in a recent episode of Total Divas where she talked about the fact that Cass and her had a number of issues that not only stemmed from the pressure of them recently buying their new house, but also from Cass's recent knee injury which has been a source of negativity and that went on to cause the duo problems. Cass could be set to make his WWE return in The Royal Rumble next weekend, but he and Carmella would still be part of separate main roster brands.

13 Next: Finn Balor And Cathy Kelley

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Finn Balor has been one of the most eligible men in WWE for the past few years, but last year it was revealed that The Demon had begun dating Social Media Correspondent Cathy Kelley.

Over the past year, both stars have become tight-lipped about whether or not their relationship is real, but Cathy has begun dropping hints on Social Media about her boyfriend. Finn likes to keep his personal life as private as possible, but Cathy wants to be able to tell the world who she is dating, which could become something that ends up coming between the couple in the coming months. The couple has been rumoured to be dating for more than a year now, so the couple should confirm their relationship in the coming months.

12 Split: Rob Van Dam And Sonya Szatkowski

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Rob Van Dam is a legend in WWE as a former ECW and WWE Champion, RVD was someone that WWE could always depend on, but recently the former ECW Original has decided to step away from the ring.

This could be linked to the issues that RVD has been having in his personal life. It was revealed back in 2016 that the couple who had been together for more than 17 years and were known collectively as SVD, had filed for divorce. The divorce papers cited that the reason was irreconcilable differences since the couple had officially been separated for a number of months already. The duo has still remained good friends, which is normal for a couple who have been together for more than two decades.

11 Next: Lana And Rusev

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Lana and Rusev were put together on NXT back in 2013 when it seemed that Rusev needed a voice and Lana was the perfect person for the job. Over the past few years the couple has achieved varying amounts of success in WWE, but recently Lana has left her husbands side to pursue a career inside the ring herself, something that hasn't been as much of a success as Lana had hoped.

Anyone that watches Total Divas will have already noticed how much these two stars clash when it comes to making decisions that affect their relationship. The duo even managed to argue about their own marriage. It would be interesting to see if they were able to survive if they were drafted onto separate rosters, would absence really make the heart grow fonder?

10 Split: Bray Wyatt And Samantha Rotunda

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Bray Wyatt has been a popular WWE superstar ever since his time as part of The Nexus, and throughout his time leading The Wyatt Family, but he wasn't a leading figure when it came to his own family last year.

It was revealed that his wife Samantha Rotunda had filed for a divorce when it had become clear that Bray was having an affair with WWE Ring Announcer JoJo Offerman. The couple haven't spoken about the affair ever since the news broke and WWE has done everything that they can to distance themselves from it as well, but the couple are now said to still be in the process of a divorce, which is said to be even more harrowing when you take into account that Bray and his wife have two children who have become part of the proceedings.

9 Next: Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce are currently one of the cutest couples in WWE, after they became official back in 2017 after two years of dating. The duo started their careers together in NXT and this has been a good few years for them while Peyton has remained part of the developmental set up.

There are rumours that Peyton and Billie Kay are set to be brought up to the main roster in the coming months to become part of the main roster Women's Division, which means that if Peyton is drafted to Raw then their relationship could struggle from the same issues that affected Emma and Zack Ryder. Are Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce strong enough to be able to make their relationship last on separate main roster brands?

8 Split: Kaitlyn And PJ Braun

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Kaitlyn is a former WWE Divas Champion and was the only female winner of NXT when it was still seen as a competition back in 2010. Kaitlyn and AJ Lee attempted to make a difference in the Women's Division for a number of years until Kaitlyn made the decision to leave the company at the beginning of 2014.

The former Champion left so that she could marry PJ Braun and set up her own company the latter was successful, but late last year Kaitlyn revealed that she and her husband had decided to divorce. She has since been able to return to wrestling training and is set to return to the ring on the Independent Circuit, which has started rumours that she could be set to return to WWE as part of the Women's Royal Rumble match.

7 Next: Sasha Banks And Sarath Ton

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Sasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now and the former Women's Champion is someone that many male members of the WWE Universe lust after. Sasha married her long-time boyfriend Sarath Ton back in August 2016 but then kept it a secret until 2017 because she was scared of the way the WWE Universe would act.

She has also been seen flirting with a number of WWE stars backstage, which has made members of the WWE Universe become quite confrontational with her since it is now well-known that she is married. Sasha and Sarath just don't seem to be a relationship that has what it takes to last in this business., which is sad because they looked like they had great chemistry on the Independent Circuit.

6 Split: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore is the current Cruiserweight Champion, while his former girlfriend Liv Morgan is part of the SmackDown Live Women's Division now as one-third of The Riott Squad.

Liv and Enzo had been dating since they met when they both worked at Hooters and it was reported that Enzo actually helped Liv to secure a try-out with WWE. They have been dating for a number of years since Liv made her way to the company, but last year it was revealed that Enzo had cheated on Liv with a stripper and this had caused their relationship to come to an abrupt end. Liv has since moved on to former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate and hasn't looked back since, while Enzo is currently reported to be single.

5 Next: John Cena And Nikki Bella

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John Cena is the face of WWE, while his fiancee Nikki Bella has become one of the best-known female wrestlers in the company over the past few years, which is why they make the perfect couple.

Total Divas and Total Bellas has put their relationship under a microscope and Cena often pulls up the fact that Nikki isn't as intelligent as him and often makes her feel bad about herself when he is blunt with her. Many of the WWE Universe has asked the question as to whether or not Nikki and Cena are only together for the publicity of their two shows and if they will ever actually make it down the aisle. The duo seems to clash when it comes to their future plans, so are they both really in this for the long haul?

4 Split: Kelly Kelly and Sheldon Souray

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Kelly Kelly became more well-known for her personal life while she was part of WWE than she did for the fact that she was a former Divas Champion, so it perhaps comes as no surprise that Kelly is newly single once again.

Kelly and the former hockey player only married back in February 2016 and just over a year later in October 2017, their divorce was finalized. Being a stepmother just didn't work for Kelly, but the former Champion has since been announced as one of the women who is returning to WWE for Raw 25 which could be why she is now also rumoured to be an entrant in the Women's Royal Rumble match next weekend. This could be the perfect way for Kelly to put her failed marriage behind her.

2 Next: Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy have been a couple ever since Alexa led Murphy and his tag team partner Wesley Blake to Tag Team gold when they were a trio in NXT. Alexa has since been the more successful person in the relationship as the current Raw Women's Champion and it seems that Murphy has been missing from WWE TV now for a number of months.

The couple became part of Total Divas in its seventh season and even though Alexa and Buddy haven't played a huge role in the show it seems that Buddy and Nia Jax clash heads. It's never a good thing when your best friend and your boyfriend can't get along, which could come to a head in the coming months if Nia and Buddy continue to have the same issues.

1 Split: Zack Ryder And Emma

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Zack Ryder and Emma were one of the cutest couples in WWE for a long time after they met when Ryder was sent back down to NXT and Emma was working her way up. Their biggest issue was when Emma was drafted over to Raw and Ryder was sent to SmackDown as part of the WWE draft in the summer of 2016.

Emma and Ryder couldn't continue to make their relationship work when they were hardly getting to see each other which led to them announcing their split back in 2016. Ryder has since gone on to start a relationship with former TNA and WWE star Chelsea Green while Emma was recently released from the company and has now begun working on the Independent Circuit.

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