WWE Creating A Tournament In Eddie Guerrero's Honor?

Vickie Guerrero, former Smackdown general manager, who is writing a book about her late husband, WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, hopes to see a tournament in his honor.

Guerrero, the current Fighting Evolution Wrestling COO at FEW Summer Showdown 3, said, “I always dream about that. Me and the girls we always talk about If Eddie could be relived, they’d have a tournament someway, but it never is too late am hoping that if WWE is watching or listening am hoping that, we’d love to see Eddie have his own tournament named.”

In an interview with The Roman Show, Guerrero also spoke about how her attitude towards wrestling had changed since she began dating her late husband.

“I wouldn’t train with him. He would scare me. I watched him at the house do his promos in the mirror and watching him every night when he was on TV. I think his mannerism, habits rubbed off on me. Every time I was in the ring, I always pictured Eddie in the ring with me so I knew it wasn’t about myself.” The couple married in 1990 and had two children together, Shaul Marie Guerrero, who was born in 1990, and Sherilyn Amber Guerrero, who was born in 1995.

Guerrero, who was found unconscious in a hotel room in Minneapolis in 2005, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. He was 38 years old. The autopsy revealed that the wrestler died from acute heart failure as a result of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Two years later, Sports Illustrated published a series of articles regarding the use of steroids and human chorionic gonadotropin hormones (HGC) by wrestlers, including Guerrero, who had allegedly obtained HGC and stanozolol steroids in early 2005.


The use of steroids and hormones by Guerrero and other wrestlers predated the WWE Wellness Policy, which tests wrestlers for illegal substances. In interviews, Chavo Guerrero, the wrestler’s nephew, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said that Guerrero had been open about his past drug and alcohol abuse, and that he had been sober for four years before his death.

In regards to the book she is writing, Guerrero said, “My grandfather used to make his dad’s robes. We used to play in the playpen together when we were like three years old. I never liked wrestling. I said, ‘if you can change that would be great’, but of course the sport grew on me I started getting a lot of respect for the wrestling industry and I was hooked.”


Guerrero, considered one of the most beloved wrestlers of his generation, had a significant impact on the sport. In February 2004, he was crowned the WWE champion after defeating Brock Lesnar. He lost the title four months later. He was posthumously inducted into the WWE, AAA, Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Hardcore Halls of Fame.

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