What WWE Needs To Do With The Cruiserweight Title Without Enzo Amore

WWE has decided to fire Enzo Amore today. They suspended him on Monday for allegations he sexually assaulted a woman back in October. While details of why they fired Enzo today are still rumored, one thing is fact. WWE now has no choice but to crown a new WWE Cruiserweight Champion soon. Due to this, a lot of things must be considered.

With Enzo, it seemed like the division at least had people pay attention to them. Amore might be annoying to some and a true heel, however people are at least entertained by the guy enough to care what he says and does. That's despite the fact that he is not a gifted in-ring performer. WWE is also without two major competitors from the division last year.


Both Austin Aries and Neville are not wrestling for the company despite being huge parts of the cruiserweight division a year ago at this time. The reason? Aries was not factored into plans for anything after his rivalry with Neville and wanted out. Meanwhile Neville did not like his treatment by WWE all year and wanted a change. Yet the company has not released him yet. It seems anyone who touches this title is doomed, and the division itself is in shambles.

With the latest champion fired over some big allegations, we can only assume the next way of using the cruiserweights will only go badly. However, there are better ways to utilize this division. WWE has a chance to do it in a major way that fans will actually appreciate. Not only will it work for the division, but it'll also allow for them to be worth watching for the first time since 205 Live debuted on the WWE Network.


The Cruiserweight Classic Will Save The Division

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The division utilized friends, enemies, and some of the best smaller wrestlers in the world. Few of them had signed at the time, so it was just WWE using some of the best available talent despite the fact that they were not in the company yet. Imagine how many other amazing wrestlers they could use this time around.


WWE will crown who they want, but this could be done each week on 205 Live for the next few months. With the the winner being crowned in a match at WrestleMania, it would be huge! Plus, WWE would be able to do this with mostly-signed wrestlers.


WWE has a lot of UK guys they are not using yet. On top of this, they have many that they have connections with at other places outside WWE, like with the WWN corporation. With all these connections, and all the available names to use on top of the current ones they have, this could be brought back and save the division from drowning in its current filth.

Utilize Them Outside The Division And Add Variety

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During the original run with the division, several stars went out of it. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and so many others wrestled people much bigger than them often, either in WWE or WCW. All those men went on to become World Champions in WWE too, proving that they can not only do well outside the division, but excel.

WWE has guys in the division that can do that. In order to make the division matter, you have to make the people matter. The CWC will do a lot to help bring interest, but you have to keep it too. Adding Goldust or Alicia Fox to the show is not going to do that. You need to see things like Cedric Alexander wrestling Seth Rollins on Raw or seeing Finn Balor work a match on 205 Live just to make sure people care. This is all very simple, and WWE has the ability to do both. Let's get on it!

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