WWE's Cruiserweight Tour Headlined By Surprising Heavyweights

Considering the waning popularity of the cruiserweight division and 205 Live, many fans are likely pretty surprised at this point that the Cruiserweight Classic spin-off is still a prominent part of WWE's programming. Fair play to Vince McMahon though he isn't just throwing in the towel when it comes to 205 Live and WWE are instead trying to make it work.


Their latest idea is to have the 205 Live roster put on a three date tour in January. It really feels like a make or break type deal and the cruiserweights haven't been given the chance to draw a crowd all by themselves since the CWC. On Monday they are a part of Raw and on Tuesdays they come straight after SmackDown Live and play to a crowd who are really there to see the stars that were on before them.

Even though the exclusive 205 Live shows are still a month away it would seem that WWE are already back tracking on the idea. During Clash Of Champions on Sunday night WWE announced via that the 205 Live dates will now feature a couple of non-cruiserweights. As you can see from the tweet below Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy will now wrestle one another on the tour.

While the reasoning behind throwing this match on to the formerly cruiserweight only shows is as yet unclear, it seems pretty obvious what is probably going on here. The 205 Live shows were likely booked as a test to see ho many tickets would sell to see how popular the brand really is. Clearly tickets sales have not gone well and WWE feels the need to pull out the big guns and add a marquee match to the shows. They've certainly done that with Bray versus Woken Matt.



It's a real shame but this announcement could signal the beginning of the end for 205 Live. Vince is trying to turn things around at the moment but one of these days he will simply have had enough if nothing is working. Needing to add talent to shows in order to sell tickets will signal to him that 205 Live is not worth keeping around for much longer and the who knows what the fate of the cruiserweights will be in 2018.

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