The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

WWE has become home to small, quick, and exciting superstars. This all started in the mid-'90s with wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart proving that you didn't have to be a giant to be a main event star in the company. This was a huge change from the past, where even in the '80s, stars like Hulk Hogan topped the 300-lb mark.

With that said, WWE is not just home to one style of a professional wrestler, and for every athletic high-flyer, there is a giant and they even come in different sizes and shapes. There are the muscular powerhouses, the giants among men, and the monsters. Here is a look at the 10 heaviest active WWE superstars working today.

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10 ROWAN - 315 LBS

The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

When Bray Wyatt brought in the Wyatt Family, there were some giants among that group. Wyatt wasn't even the lightest, at 285-lbs, as Luke Harper was taller but leaner at 275-lbs. However, the other two members both checked in at over 300 with Erick Rowan the lighter of the two at 315-lbs (Braun Strowman was the heaviest).

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Rowan is now in an interesting tag team with Daniel Bryan, polar opposites as Bryan is one foot shorter and 105 lbs lighter than his partner. Rowan is a three-time tag team champion in the WWE, and in a slight surprise, is actually older than many other stars that debuted around the same time he did, at 37.


The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Not a lot of mainstream WWE fans know much about Keith Lee. He made his debut this year for the NXT brand after a successful career on the indies. Lee is a big, stocky 320-lbs, one of the heaviest wrestlers in NXT right now. He is big and strong and opened up his NXT career by beating another big guy in Kassius Ohno.

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Lee has been wrestling since he was 20, putting in his time in Ring of Honor, Evolve and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla before he finally signed with WWE. As a proving ground organization for WWE, Lee proved his worth as that company's WWN Champion, which he won from another NXT star in Matt Riddle.


The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

As part of Sanity in NXT and later on the SmackDown Live brand, Killian Dain was the monster in a group that included two really big WWE superstars. At 322-lbs, Dain was one of the biggest wrestlers in WWE and proved to be very strong as well.

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He made his name when he competed in the ladder match to determine the first ever WWE NXT North American Champion and showed that he could fly just as well as he could batter his opponents into submission. The former Big Damo on the indies was a former ICW World Champion when he worked in Britain.

7 KANE - 324 LBS

The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

While he is not wrestling at this very moment, Kane has made it very clear he is not retired, even though he is currently serving as the Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. The former WWE world champion last wrestled at the WWE event in Saudi Arabia last year -- after winning the Mayor's race.

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At seven feet tall and 324 lbs, Kane has been one of the bigger wrestlers in WWE for over 20 years. He made his debut as Kane, the brother of The Undertaker, in 1997 and has had a very successful career in WWE. He is a three-time former world champion and has held 12 different tag team titles.


The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Kane's kayfabe professional wrestling brother The Undertaker weighs just two pounds more than his former tag team partner. Undertaker, at the age of 54, is still wrestling and has a match against Bill Goldberg at the WWE Saudi Arabia show in June 2019.

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At the weight of 326 lbs, Undertaker is a little bulkier than Kane, standing two inches shorter, and has enjoyed one of the most successful WWE careers in history as one of the true dominant big men. Undertaker is a seven-time world champion, held the tag titles seven times, and will be a WWE Hall of Famer the second that he finally retires.

5 OTIS - 330 LBS

The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

The newest WWE superstar on this list, Otis is one of the heaviest WWE wrestlers working today and uses his weight to his advantage in every match. The "trucker" member of Heavy Machinery outweighs his larger and muscular tag team partner Tucker Knight by 10 lbs, the two combining for a weight of 650 lbs, the heaviest tag team on the roster.

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Otis was a collegiate wrestling champion, winning the national title in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Junior Pan-American Games in 2011. Now completely lost in his gimmick as the crazy member of Heavy Machinery, he works on the SmackDown Live roster just three years after making his debut in NXT.

4 REZAR- 330 LBS

The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

When the Authors of Pain made their main roster debut in 2018, most fans thought they were going to dominate the tag team division. They actually did until Akam fell to a serious leg injury and the team has been AWOL ever since.

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Akam is a big man, at 290 lbs, but he is dwarfed by the muscular and very scary Rezar, who stands 6ft 4 and weighs in at 330 lbs. At 24 years old, he is young and seems to have a long career ahead of him, whether it is with the Authors of Pain or on his own. He also had an MMA career, where he finished with a 6-2 record before joining WWE.


The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

The biggest new man on the WWE main roster is Lars Sullivan. He made his debut in a huge moment when he came to the ring and destroyed Kurt Angle the night after Angle retired in a match against Baron Corbin. Since then, Sullivan has destroyed Jeff Hardy, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, and more.

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Sullivan is not that tall, at only 6ft 3, but he weighs an impressive 330 lbs and is overpowering to almost everyone he faces. Sullivan has yet to win a title in WWE and he also wasn't a champion in NXT, but the future could be bright for the big man if he keeps working on improving inside and outside the ring.


The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Braum Strowman has the nickname The Monster Among Men and there is a good reason for that. When Bray Wyatt introduced his Wyatt Family, Braun was the giant of the group at 6ft 8 and 385 lbs. When he struck out on his own, he became one of the biggest stars in WWE.

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Strowman has accomplished a lot as a big man in the WWE, holding the record for most Royal Rumble eliminations in one match at 13. He also competed in an Elimination Chamber match where he eliminated five competitors and in a Survivor Series match, eliminated four men. What he hasn't done is win many titles, with just one tag title to his name.

1 BIG SHOW - 441 LBS

The 10 Current Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

The heaviest wrestler on staff in WWE today is Big Show. At the age of 47, Big Show has been in WWE for over two decades and was once the kayfabe son of Andre the Giant, who was over 500-lbs himself. While Big Show almost reached that weight at one point, he averaged 441-lbs and now weighs in at 383-lbs at 7-feet tall.

Big Show has held eight world titles over his career as well as eight tag team titles. He also has been the Hardcore, Intercontinental and United States Champion, and while he is getting up there in age, seems to have a few years left before he finally calls it a career.

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