WWE Creates Custom Championship For Philadelphia Eagles [Photos]

The WWE loves to send their specially designed belts to the major league sports champions, and the Super Bowl champs are no different.

Most of America rejoiced this past Sunday as The New England Patriots were dethroned by the new reigning Super Bowl champions The Philadelphia Eagles. Aside from all of the festivities and the commercials that occur during the Super Bowl, fans of the losing New England Patriots team will have to carry the burden of the "L" until the next football season as the Eagles bask in the glory of triumph.

Everyone wants to get in on the action and fly with the Eagles since this is their first Super Bowl win. One company that wants to be in on the action is the WWE. The WWE has gone to several extremes over the years, whether it comes to buying a rival promotion or creating a football league of their own for example. With the recent announcement of WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon's plans to bring back the XFL, the WWE has now created a championship belt in honor of the Philadelphia Eagle's win over the New England Patriots.


It was revealed this week that the Philadelphia Eagles would be receiving the Lombardi Trophy because of their Super Bowl win. In addition to the Lombardi Trophy, the Eagles will also be receiving a WWE World Championship belt complete with Philadelphia Eagle's plates on the side of the belt.

Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent, divulged the custom-made Philadelphia Eagles Championship Belt on his Twitter account. Triple H even went as far as to add a quote from Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz to top off the news about the championship belt.

The announcement of the championship belt does seem somewhat random on the part of the WWE, and this may lead to many questions amongst wrestling fans and football fans alike. There could be some business plans that will possibly occur in the future between the WWE and NFL, and the championship belt may serve as being the icebreaker between these two sports giants. WrestleMania is approaching and some football players have appeared at the show over the years. It would not surprise wrestling fans if one of the Eagles players just happens to end up in the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy Battle Royal at this year's Show of Shows


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WWE Creates Custom Championship For Philadelphia Eagles [Photos]