WWE Deleted A Scene Involving The Undertaker From WWE 24 Special

Since the curtain came down on WrestleMania 33 all the way back in April, there has been one question on the lips of almost ever wrestling fan: has The Undertaker retired or not? The Deadman came up short against Roman Reigns in the night's main event and what he did afterwards would suggest that he is done with in ring competition. Ten months later and we still don't know one way or the other.

There have been clues pointing either way and also events and shows where we thought we would find out a definitive answer. The main one of those moments came when Taker returned to WWE television at Raw's 25th anniversary. The Phenom took to the ring and cut what was a rather confusing promo that has just left fans even more in the dark about his future.


The night after the Royal Rumble the latest edition of WWE 24 aired on the network and the episode focused around WrestleMania 33. The adverts for the documentary were very Undertaker heavy and suggested that maybe the retirement queries would finally be answered. While Taker's contributions to the WWE 24 episode were eye-opening and extremely interesting they didn't address the one topic we desperately wan him to talk about.

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As reported by WWE Network News on Thursday though apparently there was one Undertaker scene from the doc that didn't make the final cut. The clip features The Deadman having injections in his knee prior to his match with Reigns. Taker says that these are the things he has to do in order to give the fans his best performance possible.


We may still not have any definitive answers as to whether The Undertaker will ever wrestle again and news of this deleted scene could be taken either way. Needing pain relief injections in his knee is a sign that The Phenom should probably not be wrestling any more, but perhaps WWE didn't want us to see the footage because they have plans in place for Taker to wrestle once more at WrestleMania 34.

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