WWE Denies Vince McMahon Bladed For Kevin Owens Headbutt

Rumors have been swirling is Vince McMahon bladed on SmackDown Live when he bled after a headbutt from Kevin Owens, but now WWE issued a statement.

It was quite a surprise last Tuesday when WWE chairman Vince McMahon ended up bleeding after Kevin Owens headbutted him while they were going back and forth inside the ring.

In case you aren't aware, McMahon made an appearance on SmackDown Live last week in order to confront Owens after he was attacked by McMahon's son, Shane, the week before.

Shane McMahon ended up going after Owens following some comments the star made regarding McMahon's family and how they would been better off if he had died in the helicopter crash that he was involved in just a few months ago. That's when Shane flipped out and went after Owens.


So in order to help settle things down, Vince decided to talk to Owens and unsurprisingly, Owens ended their conversation by head-butting him.

Right after Vince was struck in the head, he started to bleed, which led to almost everyone believing that he had bladed himself backstage and then covered it up with nu-skin, so once he was hit he would start to bleed.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the WWE denies that McMahon bladed himself.

It was odd that McMahon would have so much blood coming from his head after a headbutt. People also zoomed in on his head and noticed a line on his forehead before he was hit. Of course, that could be where McMahon cut himself beforehand. What's interesting is that the WWE's statement on the matter is similar to ones they have released after a Brock Lesner match that results in someone bleeding.


While it sounds like the plan wasn't for McMahon to bleed from his segment with Owens, there is always the possibility that he decided on his own to cut himself beforehand to make the entire ordeal more dramatic.

We all know Vince McMahon is a smart man and will do whatever it takes to make as much money as he can. This means he will go above and beyond to ensure that the ratings of his shows go through the roof.

Comment below and tell us whether you think McMahon bladed himself.

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WWE Denies Vince McMahon Bladed For Kevin Owens Headbutt