WWE Diva Suffers A Serious Injury

via wwe.com

Just as things were starting to look up for Emma...  She was starting to get a little momentum again and there was some definite excitement about her partnership with Dana Brooke. But for now all of that has to be put on hold because Emma suffered a serious back injury at a live event.

Here is the statement from WWE.com:

"WWE.com has learned that Emma suffered an injury during a WWE Live Event and will need to undergo surgery in order to correct the problem.

Emma has a ruptured disc that will require her to have surgery, explained WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson. She came to us in a great deal of pain, which seemed to be increasing. She was then given an M.R.I., which revealed that further action would need to be taken. Unfortunately, the Superstar’s estimated recovery time cannot be determined until after her procedure is complete."

We wish her all the best and hope she comes through with a full and speedy (as speedy as possible) recovery.

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