WWE Does Something Sneaky During Seth Rollins Raw Promo

During Seth Rollin's Monday Night Raw promo, he claimed he was the best wrestler on the planet. The reaction fans saw on tv wasn't exactly the reaction the live audience gave the Architect.

Because Raw was taped in Manchester and one of the few shows not airing live, WWE had a chance to go in an edit a few things before the rest of the world got to see the show on television. And, it's probably good that they did.

There were reports of Lana being booed out of the building during her in-ring promo and one other WWE Superstar got a vastly different reaction from the live crowd than what the WWE Universe saw at home.

Before a challenge was accepted by Walter, Rollins told the audience, "It's no, secret, I think I am the best wrestler on the planet." The comment on tv was made to sound like it received a mixed reaction from the audience, some people cheering on the former Universal Champion. Other reports suggest, not so much.

Alex McCarthy of Talk Sports wasn't convinced what he was watching was real so he posed the questions to fans on Twitter who were live at the event. He immediately got a response. He wanted backup that he heard something different on tv instead of what he called "roundly boos" while live. Multiple people commented back that many of the segments were changed but Rollins' definitely was.

Just Turn Rollins Heel Already

WWE is working hard to get Rollins over as a babyface despite the fact the crowd seems to want to boo him. Maybe it's time WWE just goes with the flow instead of post editing the segments and gives the fans what they want.

If the audience is quick to boo Rollins — even when he's arguably right about his own self assessment — why not just turn him heel?

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