WWE Draft Predictions: The 6 NXT Stars Heading To The Main Roster

With SmackDown going live on Tuesdays, the WWE needed something big to shake things up and thus brought back the Brand Extension to the fans' excitement. What better way to kick off this momentous event than with a good ol' WWE Draft?

We've already made some bold predictions concerning the overall draft, but with recent news coming out that 6 NXT stars would be drafted to the main roster, we put our thinking caps on and came up with logical choices of who will be called up to the big leagues.

Tonight on Raw, we will find out who will be the GM of each brand. Whoever it may be, they have a hard task ahead of them, but we think their brand can benefit from each of these NXT performers.


Let's start it off with someone who is all but guaranteed to join the main roster. Finn Bálor has been the face of NXT for the past year, winning the NXT Championship off of Kevin Owens and dominating the promotion with a title reign that lasted for 292 days. His feud with Samoa Joe was epic, but Bálor came out of the losing end, and with his last dramatic loss to Shinsuke Nakamura, it's safe to say his NXT days are far behind him.


It's about time the final Horsewoman comes to the main roster! With the Women's Division being in a lackluster state since WrestleMania, who better to bring it out of its lull than Bayley? Her fellow Horsewoman Becky Lynch has been trying and doing the best with what she's given, and while Charlotte is more than capable as the champion, something just hasn't clicked. Sasha Banks had been injured and just recently returned, so it's as good as time as any to go full throttle and bring in the Bayley.


Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat, as we included two wrestlers for the price of one, but bare with us. With the announcement that GMs will have the choice of drafting tag teams together or separately, we thought it would be a HUGE mistake if these two weren't drafted as a team. Chad Cable and Jason Jordan are arguably one of the best tag teams in WWE -if not the world- and their combined talent would inject a huge boost in their drafted brand's tag team division.


Mark our words, the "Perfect 10" will be drafted! Tye Dillinger has improved leaps and bounds from his earlier WWE stint as Gavin Spears (remember him? We don't). He is a great wrestler who can work with just about anyone, and with his "Perfect 10" gimmick, has the ability to get the fans going with his charisma and talent.


That's right, we've included announcers for the draft. And why shouldn't they be included? Their voice is just as important to the delivery of the product, offering their perspective that's a crucial part of the experience to the viewer - Joey Styles would tend to agree with us.



In case you didn't get what that is, that's 10,000+ fans at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts singing along to Shinsuke Nakamura's theme song after he's been drafted.

Ok, the chances of this happening are slim as he debuted just a few months ago and has yet to truly have a real feud in NXT, but just imagine how HUGE it would be if Nakamura is brought up to the main roster for the Brand Split. Whichever brand decides to do draft one of the greatest wrestlers in the world would instantly become the one to watch. His weird mannerisms, infectious personality and incomparable wrestling skill have propelled the King of Strong Style to many fans' "favourite wrestler" lists.

Nakamura does not have bad matches, and putting him up against the best talent in the world -names such as John Cena, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins- will yield amazing results.


Did we miss anyone from NXT you might want to see on the main roster? Let us know who you want to see!

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