5 Ways WWE Dropped The Ball This Week- 'Broken' Matt Hardy & Finn Balor

It's easy to sit and criticize everything WWE. After all, us armchair writers should be able to come up with a million better ideas than what we're watching on TV right? If only it were that simple.

It's not easy being a writer. No idea is ever going to please 100 percent of the fans all the time and, in fact, many ideas are going to be hated by a good portion of the WWE Universe. But, it's not always a controllable situation.

For example, this week, WWE teased Matt Hardy becoming "Broken". News has just come down that he may even be able to use the name "Broken" at some point. But, is that in the best interest of the WWE? Or, it sounds like Brock Lesnar might not be at the Royal Rumble. Why?

These two developments and more make our list of Five Ways WWE Dropped The Ball This Week.

5. Matt Hardy "Broken" But Not All The Way

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Matt Hardy is going to be changing his character. After Monday's Raw, this we know for sure. But, is he going to be "Broken" or "Woken" or "Breaking Down"? If it isn't "Broken" Matt Hardy that will be a disappointment.

It has come to light that Matt Hardy will soon own the trademark for "Broken Matt Hardy" and despite that news, WWE is not looking to use the name. They want to show signs of his former character that he made famous in TNA, but they want to put their own spin on things. This sounds like WWE making sure they have the ability to trademark their own name and over-control this idea.


4. Benjamin and Gable Defeat

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It was a shorter match, and perhaps we're reading too much into things, but the fact that Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable were on the upswing and looking like they were ready to take on the Usos only to take a clean loss to New Day was disheartening.

The New Day didn't need to win to be considered a top tag team, and Benjamin and Gable really could have used the assistance. Now, their momentum comes to a screeching halt and there are really only a couple teams on SmackDown Live anyone can think is a real threat.

3. Singh Brothers Gone

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Is the WWE really getting rid of the Singh Brothers? If so, this might be the kiss of death for Jinder Mahal. The Singh Brothers don't really fit anywhere other than with Mahal, so if he boots them, their careers in the WWE are probably done. So too, one of the few things that made Mahal entertaining was his use of his sidekicks.

There is no official confirmation if the Singh Brothers are on the way out of the company, but there have been multiple reports and speculation that this is the direction WWE is going. It's probably a mistake.

2. Jason Jordan Wimping Out

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Unless this is an elaborate plan to turn Jason Jordan into one of the most hated heels in WWE, what the company is doing with his character right now is hard to explain. Suggesting he's bailing on his matches due to "injuries" and then whining about the fact that no one thinks he can hack it against big-time competition is hugely damaging to his character.

It's a great plan if WWE is turning him heel, but should we be giving the company that much credit?


1. Finn Balor

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To continually see Finn Balor used in the way WWE has is frustrating. With all sorts of rumors suggesting he's not main-event material and him playing up the part on social media, his inclusion on Raw was almost laughable.

He came out to save Jason Jordan and then got blasted with a chair by Kane, thus looking weak on two separate occasions to an aging veteran who's long-term storyline is probably pointless. Balor has proved he's "over" with the fans, but WWE seems to just refuse to believe it.


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