5 Ways WWE Dropped The Ball At Survivor Series

Survivor Series has come and gone and there was some good, some not-so-good, and some extremely confusing moments for the WWE Universe to take from the show. The pay-per-view was long, most of it was predictable and by the time the main event rolled around and tried to shake things up, the choices made were so strange and illogical that things became extremely unclear heading into Monday night where WWE is going to need to explain the decisions by some of its biggest stars.

Unfortunately, it wasn't too difficult to find ways the WWE could have improved the offering that was Survivor Series. And for a show that was planned ahead for so long, then changed at the last minute, it showed. Only a couple matches really stood out as excellent.

Here are Five Ways WWE “Dropped The Ball” At Survivor Series.

5. Owens and Zayn on the Kickoff Show

Maybe they were being punished or maybe the point was to somehow get them onto the card since they weren't a part of a team but to use two of SmackDown's best talents in Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on the pre-show in a pointless match against Breezango wreaks of someone trying to prove a point.

Thankfully, they showed up again in the main event, but even then they were chased off by a chair-wielding Shane McMahon and had no real bearing on the outcome of the contest. It could be worse in that they could have been Bobby Roode or Shinsuke Nakamura who took early pins by older veterans and ignored when they should have been pushed.

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4. Singles Kickoff Matches

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If the idea was to add this many kickoff matches to the pre-show of Survivor Series, why not just shorten everything and have one traditional team match that included the likes of Breezango, Owens and Zayn, Elias and Matt Hardy? You could have thrown others in and it would have kept with the spirit of the pay-per-view which only have two elimination matches to show for it.

The show was long and it felt longer. A traditional elimination match would have been a good way to speed up the action.

3. The Miz Lost

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It's not the end of the world that The Miz lost because he'll rebound, but the fact that the only promotion this match received prior to the actual contest was these two WWE Superstars going at each other on social media. The minute Corbin brought The Miz's wife into it, he should have probably earned the win.

Miz is the kind of guy who losses don't hurt badly, but, at the same time, if you want to make him one of your main guys, he needs a big victory every now and again. He can't lose all the time.


2. Cena Wasted

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You won't find many sympathizers when you suggest that pinning John Cena so easily and removing him from the match was a bad idea, but here we are saying that very thing. The reason behind that opinion is that Cena was brought back specifically for the occasion of being on a Survivor Series team and he was largely irrelevant.

He shouldn't have won, but to so quickly lose him in the match thanks to two moves and sending him out with little time given to his inclusion really spoke volumes as to how poorly thought through the plan of bringing him back at all was.

1. The Ending of the Main Event

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What in the heck was the ending of the main event? There are question marks throughout the entire bout, but the end was just more confusing and illogical than anyone could have possibly imagined. The final moments were so bad that it left a stench lingering over the entire pay-per-view.

There were so many other possible ways to go with the talents who were part of this match that to go the direction they did is even more head-scratching. What are fans to take from this? Triple H and Strowman are going to go at it? Triple H feels sympathy toward Shane or just wanted to stick it to Angle? It was almost impossible to try and understand what the writing staff was going for here.


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