10 Times WWE Dropped The Ball With Current Talent

The main criticism towards WWE lately is the poor direction written for wrestlers from the creative team run by Vince McMahon. Fans and wrestlers each have called out WWE for how they ruin the momentum of wrestlers and waste their talent. Dean Ambrose’s recent memorable podcast interview with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho featured him going into detail about how terrible the creative process is, along with examples of why he believes he was used poorly.

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There are many other wrestlers aside from Ambrose who deal with this issue in recent memory. We will look at some of the wrestlers still on the roster today that could (and should) be bigger deals for the company.

Sadly, one or two decisions from WWE would sink their chances at succeeding at a higher level. Find out just how badly things went with 10 times WWE dropped the ball with current talent.

Baron Corbin losing MITB title shot

Baron Corbin is getting pushed in a top heel spot on the Raw brand in 2019, but fans have already lost interest in him. The biggest opportunity for Corbin came in 2017 when he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to gain the title shot at any time he wanted.

Corbin was expected to win the WWE Championship, but WWE instead opted to have him lose his title shot to Jinder Mahal. This was a punishment for Corbin yelling at a WWE doctor. The embarrassing loss crushed any momentum or credibility he had as he’s never been the same since this moment.

Sacrificing Bayley for Alexa Bliss

Bayley is currently getting her momentum back as the Smackdown Women’s Champion after a few years of irrelevance. The reason Bayley fell so low in the pecking order after a highly anticipated call-up from NXT was due to a feud with Alexa Bliss.

A superstar shakeup move would see Bliss come to Raw from Smackdown and instantly enter a feud with Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship. Not only did Bliss win, but she destroyed Bayley with ease in their matches to crush Bayley’s credibility. WWE helped elevate Alexa to another level by sacrificing Bayley.

Braun Strowman turning heel for a few months

Many fans wanted to see Braun Strowman have the chance to end Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship reign. Once Roman Reigns defeated Lesnar, a move was made to turn Strowman heel as the new feud for Reigns moving forward.

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Reigns’ time away from WWE due to his battle with leukemia would see Braun revert to a face after spending a few months as a heel. The back and forth hurt Strowman’s momentum, and he has not been viewed as a world title caliber wrestler since these changes took him down a notch.

Calling up Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy with no plans

The incredible in-ring skills of both Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy made them the faces of 205 Live when fellow cruiserweight Ali was called up to Smackdown. This recent superstar shakeup would see Alexander get called up to Raw and Murphy to Smackdown as huge additions.

Neither man would receive any relevant moments on television within the first months on the new rosters. There was clearly no plan in place and the recently created “wild card” rule just takes away the already limited spots. It is unlikely either man will thrive on the main roster with such an introduction.

Splitting up Riott Squad

The trio of Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan had a genuine chemistry that made them a compelling stable on Raw for the past year. However, WWE felt the group was at their end as they split up following the superstar shakeup.

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None of the three ladies have received any storylines or angles since the group ended. Ruby is on the sideline recovering from an injury while Logan is on Raw and Morgan is on Smackdown — each doing nothing. WWE could have easily kept them together for a Logan and Morgan team managed by Riott.

Kevin Owens' fast heel turn

Everything about the return of Kevin Owens to WWE in 2019 following his injury recovery was rushed. Owens came back for a title shot at Fastlane as a face against the heel Daniel Bryan. KofiMania would slot Kingston into the WrestleMania 35 title shot and take Owens off the card.

Owens still found a way to get over with the fans following ‘Mania by becoming a replacement member of New Day with Big E out. However, the predictable heel turn would come within a few weeks with Owens going back to his old heel role. KO is struggling to stand out now with the same thankless role as before his injury.

Letting Lars Sullivan talk

WWE sees huge potential in prospect Lars Sullivan due to his size and physique. Sullivan would get introduced in a generic fashion as the big guy that consistently attacks smaller wrestlers every week. A feud with the Lucha House Party was already doing him little favors before his first real promo in the ring.

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Lars cut a dull promo that featured fans losing even more faith in him breaking out any time soon. The momentum of Sullivan essentially disappeared within minutes of fans listening to him cut a below average promo in his first words on WWE television.

Teaming Asuka and Kairi Sane with Paige as their manager

Asuka has been struggling for most of her time on the main roster outside of her short title reign as Smackdown Women’s Champion losing it right before WrestleMania 35. WWE decided to remove Asuka from the singles division as Kairi Sane was called up from NXT to become her tag team partner.

Both talented wrestlers from Japan struggled to speak English, which would see former General Manager Paige become their valet. There has been little chemistry involved with this team as they lost their television time. All three ladies are suffering from the poor idea with no long-term plan.

Ali losing Money in the Bank to Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar winning the Money in the Bank briefcase upset many fans hopeful of seeing a new star get the opportunity. Fans in attendance were cheering with excitement at the potential of Ali grabbing the briefcase to get to the next level in WWE.

Upon Ali’s fingertips touching the briefcase, Lesnar’s music played to haunt every diehard WWE fan. Ali saw the biggest potential win of his career slip away as the plans changed. The hope of Ali is to rise up the main event rankings, but WWE erased a tremendous opportunity.

Ending Sasha Banks title reign early every time

Sasha Banks’ desire to get released from her contract and leave WWE stems from how she’s been used for many years now. The Women’s Tag Team Championship with Bayley reign ending abruptly was the final straw of many moments like this.

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Banks would win the Raw Women’s Championship on four occasions, but she lost them in her first defense every single time. The biggest instance of WWE dropping the ball came when Sasha lost the title in her hometown to Charlotte Flair in the first-ever PPV main event Hell in a Cell match for the ladies.

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