WWE Drops Two PPVs From 2018 Schedule

We can whine and complain as wrestling fans all day long, but at the end of the day, despite 16 PPV’s in 2017 it was generally a good year for WWE PPV’s. But like we expected, there have been changes to the 2018 lineup. The 2017 lineup featured 6 brand exclusive shows for both RAW and Smackdown, plus the ‘Big 4’. In 2018, that has been reduced to 4 shows for Smackdown, The Big 4 and 5 shows for RAW (plus the combined MITB). That means we have to say goodbye to both Roadblock and the ever popularly-named Great Balls of Fire.

The reported schedule would also rectify one of the more confusing decisions made by the WWE this year as Money in the Bank will now be a co-branded show. That means competitors both female and male from RAW and Smackdown can vie for the title of Mr./Ms. Money in the Bank.

WWE’s biggest problem when it comes to booking is lacking the long-term thinking in their stories. While dropping 2 PPV’s won’t do too much to solve that, it will give them more time to let their stories play out, which can only be good for business. Outside of these apparent changes, there isn’t really anything that will get the WWE Universe up in arms. But this reduction is a wise decision by WWE, and it could pay great dividends when the schedule begins to play out in 2018.

This is the reported schedule, as attained by PWInsider from sources within the WWE. So if you live in the U.S, check it out and maybe there will be a show near you;

Royal Rumble, Jan. 28 - Philadelphia

Elimination Chamber, Feb. 25 - Las Vegas (Raw)

Fastlane, Mar. 11 - Columbus, OH (SmackDown)

WrestleMania, April, 8 - New Orleans

Backlash, May, 6 - Newark (Raw)

Payback, May 27 - Baltimore (SmackDown)

Money in The Bank, June, 17 - Chicago

Battleground, July 15 - Pittsburgh (Raw)

SummerSlam, Aug. 19 - Brooklyn

Extreme Rules, Sept. 16 - San Antonio (Raw)

Hell in a Cell, Sept. 30 - Nashville (SmackDown)

TLC, Oct. 21 - Boston (Raw)

Survivor Series, Nov. 18 - Los Angeles

Clash of Champions, Dec. 16 - San Jose, CA (SmackDown)

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