5 Best Title Reigns Of Edge's WWE Career (& The 5 Worst)

There is almost nobody in the history of professional wrestling who has held more titles in WWE than the Rated-R Superstar, Edge, having held 31 championships during his incredible career.

From holding the Tag Team Titles with Christian in their incredible tag team run to working his way up the ladder to win the Intercontinental Championship and eventually becoming the main event star of the company, there is nothing Edge didn't accomplish.

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There is a reason fans were so sad when his career had to be cut short, because Edge is one of the greatest of all time, and he deserves to be in that conversation. While not all of his title reigns were legendary, many of them were. Within this article, we will take a look back at the five best and worst title reigns of Edge's career.

10 Best: Triangle Ladder Success (2000)

Edge and Christian held the World Tag Team Championships countless times, and while they did have longer reigns than this, when it comes to their best run as champions, you have to look to the year 2000.

More specifically, WrestleMania 2000, which saw the incredible triangle ladder match between themselves, The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudley Boyz, with the match being won by Edge and Christian.

This is one of the greatest matches in wrestling history, with Edge and Christian eventually going on to hold the belts for 57 days before losing to Too Cool.

9 Worst: Not The Focal Point (2010)

Edge and the World Heavyweight Championship always seemed to go hand in hand, but his run with the title in 2010 was a fairly forgettable one, despite the fact he held the title for 61 days.

The problem with this title reign was that he just wasn't the central focus of the shows, with WWE putting more effort and attention into other storylines.

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On top of that, the manner in which Edge lost the championship was ridiculous, having it stripped from him by Vickie Guerrero, only for him to win it back the very same night, which stopped him from having a historically long run with the belt.

8 Best: Cashing In Money In The Bank (2006)

This may very well be one of the most memorable Money in the Bank cash-ins of all time. Even though the subsequent title reign wasn't lengthy, it was memorable.

Nobody will ever forget the incredible cash in that firmly cemented Edge as a main event star, with his live celebration with Lita the next night helping to make the title run even more memorable.

Edge only held the title for 21 days, eventually dropping it back to John Cena at the next PPV, having only defended it successfully against Ric Flair, but it is a historic reign in his career.

7 Worst: The Retirement (2011)

This title reign only makes it onto the worst list due to the emotional attachments that a lot of fans have with it, as Edge had to retire.

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Edge had regained the World Heavyweight Championship, yet again, on the same night Vickie Guerrero took it from him on SmackDown, and he went on to hold it for over 50 days, scoring a big WrestleMania win against Alberto Del Rio in the process.

This was an odd reign because Edge was actually a babyface, which never suited him quite that well; however, had people known it was the end, then this moment would have been cherished a lot more.

6 Best: Workhorse Champion (2001)

The Intercontinental Championship has always had a certain prestige surrounding it, with the title being labeled the 'workhorse championship' due to the fact it is normally very talented wrestlers carrying it, who aren't always main event stars.

This was Edge during 2001 when he earned the Intercontinental Championship after consistently putting on amazing singles matches.

Holding the title for 63 days before losing it to William Regal, it became clear from this run that Edge was here to stay as a singles talent and deserved to be taken seriously.

5 Worst: An Assist From Matt Hardy (2008)

This WWE Championship reign saw Edge only hold onto the title for 21 days, and even though his first run with the belt was exactly the same length, this particular spell was far less memorable for him.

The fact that he only managed to defeat Jeff Hardy to win the title at the Royal Rumble PPV was because of an assist from Matt Hardy didn't get him off to the best possible start, making him look fairly weak from the beginning.

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Furthermore, Edge dropped the title at the next show inside an Elimination Chamber match. Straight away he was forgotten as champion, with Edge simply being a transitional titleholder.

4 Best: The WWE Champion (2006)

Edge had three reigns with the classic WWE Championship, and his most memorable of the trio certainly came in the summer of 2006, where he proved to the world he was a true main event star.

Edge picked up the title on an episode of Raw in a triple threat match and he went on to hold it for 71 days, eventually dropping the gold to John Cena in an epic table, ladders, and chairs match.

During this period, Edge and John Cena had some classic matches that helped establish their rivalry as one of the greatest of all time, while this reign cemented Edge's legacy.

3 Worst: United States Champion (2001)

Edge only held the United States Championship once in his illustrious career, and the main reason for that was because the title was actually retired for a good portion of his time in the mid-card when he would have competed for it.

The Rated-R Superstar won the title in 2001 on an episode of Monday Night Raw, defeating Kurt Angle to take the title. However, his reign only lasted for six days.

The belt was retired, with Edge winning a unification match for the Intercontinental Championship, effectively rendering his run as U.S. Champion redundant.

2 Best: The World Champion (2007)

When you think about Edge, you instantly think of the classic, big gold World Heavyweight Championship, as he did more for that belt in WWE than almost anybody, really establishing it as a top prize in the company.

Edge's greatest reign as champion came in 2007, with the wrestler enjoying a 105-day run as champion, which was quite uncommon during that time period as WWE opted to pass around the titles like a hot potato.

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Eventually, he lost the title to The Undertaker in a classic WrestleMania match, marking a memorable end to a memorable World Championship reign that is easily the best of his career.

1 Worst: House Show Special (1999)

They say in WWE that you never know what might happen, with the company often using that as a tag line to get people through the doors for live events where, typically, the match results are all fairly predictable.

However, every now and then, WWE likes to throw out a surprise. In 1999, that's exactly what happened when Edge ended up defeating Jeff Jarrett to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Whether this was a mistake or simply done to surprise the fans is unclear; however, the fact most people never saw Edge win the title, along with him losing it back to Jarrett after less than a day, makes this Edge's worst-ever reign.

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