WWE Edits Out Reference To Paige And Xavier Woods Sex Tape

The Usos took a dig at Xavier Woods for his presence in Paige’s sex tapes this week on SmackDown Live, and WWE were not happy about it.

A gimmicky segment like a rap battle is not normally one you can expect much from when it comes to WWE, especially when it appears to only have a place on the show so that they can throw a celebrity out there. The one between The Usos and New Day this past week on SmackDown Live however was pretty entertaining, although it’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons in WWE’s eyes.

SmackDown Live’s two top teams went back and forth with rapper Wale in between them acting as an unbiased judge. While what the five men were actually doing can’t really be considered rapping, they took turns basically insulting each other nonetheless. It was okay, until The Usos took it up a notch. The twins decided to single out each member of New Day, and when they got to Xavier Woods it was his part in Paige’s leaked sex tapes that they decided to hone in on.

To quote The Usos exactly, they said "Let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Don’t get all rated R like your boy Xavier Woods." While the jibes about Big E’s large pecs and Kofi Kingston once pretending he was Jamaican would have flown just fine, it’s no surprise that the Woods comment did not. As pointed out by WrestleZone, in the YouTube video featuring the segment's highlights WWE have removed the line from the battle. In actual fact they’ve removed two lines, since The Usos decided to say it twice, probably because of the huge pop it got from the crowd.

Earlier this year the wrestling world was abuzz after former WWE Divas’ Champion Paige had her phone hacked and photos and videos of a sexual nature were leaked online. Some of the videos released not only featured her, but also former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox and New Day member Xavier Woods. It’s not an issue WWE want to shed light on so it’s probably safe to assume The Usos went off script, especially with its removal from the YouTube clip of the segment.


WWE are renowned for blurring the lines between fabricated story lines and real life happenings, although clearly that only applies when they’re the ones in control of the narrative. The saddest thing about this occurrence is that wrestlers making decisions like this will have a knock on effect in the company, meaning that an already over scripted product will only get worse since WWE will have lost a little faith in their talent.

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