10 Wrestlers You Forgot Competed In The Elimination Chamber

WWE’s Elimination Chamber is right around the corner and it's shaping up to be a fun event. Many superstars like John Cena, Edge, and Triple H made a name for themselves inside of the chained-cage, yet we can’t help but look back on some of the forgotten competitors in the match-types history.

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With that in mind, we’ve taken the 10 names we totally forgot were involved in the Elimination Chamber.

10 Test

There was a point in time where the sky was the limit for Test in the WWE, but by 2006, it was clear WWE didn’t see him in the same light as they did in 1999. Following a year off from the company, the big man returned to WWE and was placed on the newly revived ECW brand, where he was included in what is considered one of the worst chamber matches ever. Everyone remembers Lashley's unpopular victory and CM Punk’s quick defeat, but no one ever talks about Test randomly being there.

9 Christian

Christian enjoyed a long tenure in the WWE, but it wasn’t until the tail end of his career (2014) that he was given a shot at the top prize. The former tag-team specialist brushed elbows with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Sheamus, in what was a pretty enjoyable chamber match, despite some shenanigans at the end.

It's a shame it took WWE so long to really get behind him, but thankfully, we got a few really fun matches out of it, even if he didn't win in the chamber.

8 Vladimir Kozlov

Vladimir Kozlov, WWE did you dirty. Considered a dangerous powerhouse at the height of Kozlov’s push in 2009, WWE put him in a huge chamber match that included Triple H, Edge, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, and The Undertaker. One of these guys is not like the other and one of these guys became a comedy act shortly after.

Still, when looking back on that No Way Out 2009 card, it’s clear that WWE saw something in the Russian superstar, but not enough for him to take down any of the company’s big names. In his singular appearance, he didn’t eliminate anyone, but looking at the competition, it’s not hard to see why.

7 Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger may have one of the best ring-names in recent memory, but unfortunately, a good name doesn’t mean longevity in WWE. Still, Swagger’s career was given a shot in the arm when he aligned himself with Zeb Coulter to form the Real Americans. He then went on to compete in an Elimination Chamber where he outlasted Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Daniel Bryan to get a match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The rivalry was fun, with Coulter and Swagger spewing promos that even got national news talking, but it wasn’t enough to get another run with the big gold belt.

6 R-Truth

R-Truth has competed in four Elimination Chamber matches. We feel like there’s more that could be said, but let that sink in for a little bit.

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Across those appearances, he only eliminated one wrestler, but the fact that he strung together as many entries as he did in one of WWE’s biggest matches of the year is pretty incredible! All things considered, the former K-Kwik is much more talented than he’s given credit for, so to see him in a semi-main event state is a nice feather on the cap of one long career.

5 Santino Marella

It’s not hard to see why WWE fans were so upset in 2012. Santino Marella competed for, and almost won, the World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan in a match that included a pre- “Bad News” Wade Barrett, a pre- Bullet Club Cody Rhodes, Big Show, and Great Khali.


Montel Vontavious Porter, better known as MVP, competed in the weirdest mish-mash of names ever put together in an Elimination Chamber. In 2008, he went up against The Undertaker, Batista, Finley, The Great Khali, and Big Daddy V for a chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

So, there’s a lot to break down here, but we’ll try to keep it brief. To start, you’ll notice that both ECW and SmackDown names competed in one match, which looking back looks pretty strange. Yet, the strange part is, outside of Batista and The Undertaker, there really isn’t a single name that belongs in the show’s top championship conversation. Yikes.

3 Carlito

Carlito only had one Elimination Chamber appearance, but he made quite the impact taking out three other competitors in 2006. He was really in some prestigious company too, competing against John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Kurt Angle, and Chris Masters.

It looked like Vince McMahon had some big plans for the Puerto Rican star, it’s a shame he never reached that main event status.

2 Goldberg

Goldberg’s first run in the WWE was short and forgettable, so it’s okay if you forgot that he competed in an Elimination Chamber match. Yet, here we are, talking about it almost a decade later.

Those who remember all the way back to 2003 will surely get a little agitated when looking back on this, but the former WCW star debuting in WWE was a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, the potential of a memorable run was never realized and any momentum he had was quickly taken away by Triple H, who beat him while wearing weird bike shorts. There’s no coming back from that.

1 Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash actually competed in the second Elimination Chamber match, but it’s OK if you forgot since he looked like a really tall Jeff Jarrett (or a regular sized Test).

Joking aside, it’s crazy to look back and see how loaded WWE’s roster was in 2003, and you can see it in this event. The match featured Triple H, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, and of course Nash, and Vince McMahon still had to fill out an entire pay-per-view card outside of that! Still, it’s pretty cool to look back and see that Kevin Nash really was taken seriously when he returned to WWE, even if his run ended rather quickly.

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