20 WWE Employees Fans May Have Forgotten Still Work For Vince

Now, more than ever before, the WWE roster is loaded with talent on Raw, SmackDown and NXT. With so many wrestlers, we tend to forget that some are still with the company. Let’s take Raw as an example. Is anyone aware that the likes of Heath Slater and No Way Jose are part of the roster? What about The Colons over on SmackDown or Cezar Bononi on NXT? With such deep rosters perhaps Vince McMahon himself might forget who he’s writing paychecks for these days. Heck, Vince even forgot that he previously employed Luke Gallows back in the day.

On-screen talent is one thing but those that work behind the scenes is a totally different animal, especially for the fans, who don't get to see what is going on back there. In this article, that is the focus as we look at workers behind the scenes you might have forgotten about, or the ones you’re not of who recently took on a position with the company. Roles on this list include various brand ambassadors, agents backstage, producers and Performance Center trainers. Just with the forgotten members of the WWE alone the company can create a separate brand. That’s how big of a machine it is these days.

From D-Von Dudley to Bob Backlund, these are 20 WWE employees you might have forgotten still work for Vince. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started.

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20 D-Von Dudley: Producer

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Just a month after calling it a career back in 2016, D-Von Dudley returned to WWE in a different capacity. No, not as a trainer. Instead, Dudley can be found at the gorilla position serving as a producer for the show. These days, he isn’t wearing The Dudley Boyz' glasses or gear, instead he can be found rocking a suit and tie every Monday night.

For what it’s worth, partner Bubba took a different path. He continues on in the wrestling business with the likes of ROH. He’s also the co-host for Busted Open on Sirius XM Radio.

19 Tyson Kidd: Match Producer

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Tyson Kidd’s devastating injury caused him to call it a career from in-ring action far too early. On the bright side, he’s thriving in his new role as a producer. In fact, according to word backstage, Kidd has a big hand in some of the top RAW matches we’ve seen in the last couple of months. Kidd himself admits he loves the new gig:

"I work backstage as, I guess my role is a producer, I've been doing it for a year now and I love it. I love sitting and collaborating with people and just being creative, we all are throwing ideas in and next thing you know some match is being made in the ring that I had some small part in and it feels fulfilling and there is no physical trauma to me so it's all good." 

18 The Boogeyman: WWE Ambassador

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At the age of 54, The Boogeyman remains an employee WWE. Quite surprising, however, is that he is working under an ambassador deal. Meaning, the company can use the talent whenever they please, whether it be for an on-screen role or for something outside of the company.

Given his gimmick, WWE can easily put The Boogeyman to use, even these days. Not only did he appear on RAW 25 but he’s also used a lot for WWE Network content. You see folks, at times even the wackiest gimmicks can get a lengthy deal with the WWE – one that can last into the later days.

17 Eve Torres: WWE Ambassador

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Eve Torres is an underrated part of the Divas Era. Not only is she a three-time Divas Champion but she’s also a former Diva Search winner. Despite her early retirement, WWE felt the need to maintain her services. As of April of 2014, the company signed Eve to an ambassador deal. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering her close relationship with Stephanie McMahon along with her various empowerment programs outside of the WWE.

Her ambassador role with the company has been somewhat sporadic since 2014. We’ve seen Eve on lots of WWE Network specials. Most recently, she also took part in a pre-show panel at the Evolution event.

16 Jeremy Borash: Director Of Content Development

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Unlike Vince, Triple H has no fear in recruiting a brain from the so called “enemy.” That’s exactly what went down with the signing of Jeremy Borash, one that was very underrated.

For many fans, it is unclear what his role is. According to word backstage, Borash currently serves as Triple H’s right-hand for NXT. Borash is more than capable of holding his own given his wealth of experience. Some believe Borash might be the lead for NXT once Triple H joins the main roster permanently. However, for the time being he’ll continue to assist The Game whether it be for the NXT UK program or at the recent women’s Evolution event.

15 Serena Deeb: Performance Center Trainer

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She’s known for her work in CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, back in the day. However, Serena Deeb is so much more than that. Her in-ring career began way back in 2005. At that point, she was still only a teenager; in fact Deeb is still young these days at the age of 32 (that’s younger than Nia Jax).

Her wrestling career was spent all over the world with numerous indie appearances ,including Shimmer. She was a welcomed back to the WWE family for the Mae Young Classic last year. Less than a year later, WWE offered the talent a deal as a coach at the PC. She maintains the job – a position that’s well deserved given her experience alone.

14 Paul Ellering: Inactive Talent/ WWE Ambassador

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Paul Ellering might have seemed brand new to the millennial NXT fan during his return to the WWE managing The Authors of Pain. However, the classic pro wrestling fan knows that’s far from the truth. The now WWE Hall of Famer got his start way back in the AWA days. Since the mid-70s, the talent has been both a manager and in-ring competitor (stopped wrestling in the '80s).

It was odd to see The Authors Of Pain drop Ellering shortly after their main roster debuts. Most assumed Paul was gone from the company. However, he is still under contract as an inactive talent these days. He’s also a brand ambassador. It remains to be seen if he’ll be brought back in a managerial role or if he’ll be kept for WWE Network content purposes.

13 Sean Waltman: WWE Ambassador

via insidepulse.com

Sean Waltman is one of the more surprising ambassadors, given his appearances are quite sporadic with WWE. Instead, he is known around wrestling circles as a terrific podcast host. Waltman loves to tell tales from the past along with interviewing current wrestlers. Perhaps he joins the WWE Network in this role at some point similar to Bruce Prichard?

As for his WWE involvement, it is mostly backstage, sporadically at events. He’s usually backstage for WrestleMania. He was also spotted at numerous NXT TakeOver events. His most notable appearance recently came at the RAW 25 show.

12 Funaki: Japanese Color Commentator

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Who would’ve thought? Funaki continues on with the WWE and hiis roles are quite influential. One of the most important aspects of his job with the WWE is facilitating the transition for wrestlers from Japan. We’ve seen Funaki work closely with the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Kota Ibushi and Kairi Sane during their debuts with the company.

Along with the important position, Funaki is also the color commentator for the Japan WWE content. He is usually featured during PPV events when the company spotlights all the announce teams from around the world. In addition, he also appears sporadically on the WWE Network, usually for comedic purposes.

11 JBL: WWE Ambassador

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Despite stepping down from his commentary position, JBL remains employed with WWE as an ambassador. Given his recognition with the likes of CNN and FOX News, JBL is a great asset for the company to hold on to.

In light of the recent Crown Jewel controversy, JBL has done a great job in defending the WWE. He discusses hypocrisy as a problem with those pointing the finger at WWE for taking this tour. He also claims if people want to see change, this event needs to take place:

“My personal opinion is that they should go. I think the only way you promote change, you isolate a country, all you do is impoverish that country. You want to promote change? WWE went to Abu Dhabi, did the first women’s match that had ever happened in the middle east, the crowd chanting in English ‘this is change.” 

10 Dewey Foley: WWE Creative Team

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The son of Mick Foley, Dewey, is now a part of WWE. He typically works at the head office over in Stamford, Connecticut. A big surprise; Dewey recently took part in an episode of SmackDown Live. Foley played the role of Mr. Bootyworth during a segment featuring The Bar and The New Day. Perhaps this was a pat on the back for his recent work with the company.

Dewey’s ultimate goal is to become a top tier writer for the company. Perhaps as time goes on, he’ll get closer to achieving that dream.

9 Bob Backlund: WWE Ambassador

via 24wrestling.com

Bob Backlund is one of the oddest WWE Ambassadors. Take nothing away from his accomplishments, a Hall Oo Famer and two-time WWE Champion, he definitely deserves the contract. However, his role with the company is quite sporadic these days. His last appearance took place as Darren Young’s manager just prior to Young’s release.

His contract might be more of a thank you from the boss himself Vince McMahon. It remains to be seen how and if he’ll be utilized in the future. Perhaps WWE Network content might be the best bet given his wacky character.

8 David Otunga: WWE Pre-Show Panelist

via wrestlingnewsblog.com

As of 2015, David Otunga has been used by WWE in a different capacity. He started off as a pre-show panelist and he even endured a brief stint as a commentator – though the crowd reaction to the switch wasn’t the most positive.

These days, Otunga is back to the pre-show panel. However, a lot of fans forget he’s still employed by the company given his sporadic appearances. He last appeared at the Hell in a Cell PPV pre-show panel. Perhaps we might see more of the former NXT faction member once he ends his current acting gig.

7 Scotty 2 Hotty: Performance Center Trainer

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Back in the fall of 2016, WWE announced the signing of Scotty 2 Hotty. He joined the Performance Center as one of the trainers. No, he wasn’t brought in to teach the other aspiring wrestlers the worm. Instead, his experience was the biggest factor in WWE recruiting his services.

Scotty started way back in the late 1980s and he continued to wrestle consistently for more than two decades. We assume he’s learned a couple of things since then, wrestling with the WWE and around the world. The 45 year old is one of the more popular trainers at the PC.

6 Dean Malenko: Match Producer

via scoopnest.com

Arguably, the most underrated wrestler in the history of pro wrestling, Dean Malenko is forever recognized as one of the most polished in-ring talents. He started off in the '70s and he called it a career in the early 2000s.

His post in-ring life has seen Malenko help the future of WWE. Dean is one of the best agents behind the scenes helping out the performers during main roster events. He’s also great and setting up matches and working with the current talents. He also appears on television sporadically with his is most recent appearance coming during a SmackDown Live contract signing between Nakamura and AJ Styles. He’s a low key guy backstage on a weekly basis.

5 Howard Finkel: Backstage Personnel

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So many wrestling fans grew up on the voice of Howard Finkel. In fact, he was the first WWE employee hired by Vince McMahon Sr., back in the mid-70s. Vince Jr., would keep Finkel on board and he remains under contract these days.

Sadly, we don’t hear much about Finkel due to his poor health conditions. Jerry Lawler admitted this past summer Howard’s health condition continues to lessen. For that reason, we haven’t seen him as a special ring announcer for quite some time nor have we seen the ring announcer on WWE Network content. Here’s to hoping a speedy recovery for the 68 year old.

4 Fit Finlay: Producer

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You can find the 60 year old, Fit Finlay backstage as a producer these days. Finlay is a respected name. He began his wrestling journey in the mid-70s if you can believe that. It's basically all he knows.

As of 2012, Finlay was brought in as a producer, which is a position he currently maintains. Fit’s typically backstage whether it be for Raw or SmackDown. He’s also used sporadically on television, for whatever reason. He is usually utilized to break up fights backstage or in the ring (in kayfabe). That’s probably due to his tough guy persona during his in-ring days.

3 Steve Corino: Performance Center Trainer

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Steve Corino achieved one of his lifetime dreams following the expiration of his ROH deal in 2016. Corino, happily decided to hang them up for good getting himself a deal with WWE. His role, a dream job as a trainer at the Performance Center. Steve discussed his joy with Sports Illustrated;

“I would rather be a coach for the Yankees than the manager of the Rays. That’s not to take away from the Rays, but I’ve always wanted to play for the best team. To me, that is WWE. I’m Bull Durham. I had a cup of coffee in the big time, but really, I always stayed in Triple A.” 

2 Kevin Nash: WWE Ambassador

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Yes, that’s right, after all these years, Kevin Nash continues to cash-in checks from the world of pro wrestling. Now his current WWE deal might not be reminiscent to one from back in the day but hey, at least he’s still collecting. This was Nash’s biggest motive when entering the business, making money, and he seems to have that luxury with the WWE even to this day.

His duties as an ambassador are quite limited. The position might have a lot more to do with his friendships within the business. Nonetheless, he is utilized from time to time. He appeared on various WWE Network programs such as Table For 3. He also helps out at the PC from time to time when Triple H requests his help.

1 Sting: WWE Ambassador

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It was a wise decision to keep Sting as a brand ambassador given his legacy and popularity in the business. However, so very few fans know about it given his lack of appearances on the actual programs. Since he retired, we’ve hardly seen or heard from The Stinger on WWE programming.

His ambassador duties come outside of the company’s television cameras. Sting does a lot of appearances for the company, especially in terms of signings. Sting also has his own network special that was recently launched, The Icon Defined. We hope to see more of Sting in the future, hopefully in more of an on-screen role.

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