WWE Event Postponed Thanks To Restrictive New Law

A WWE event in Edmonton, Canada has been postponed following a ban on all combat sports in the area by the local City Council.

Defining what pro wrestling is exactly can be a tricky task. Most would likely not consider it to be a sport since the results are pre-determined, yet the nature of what happens between the ropes would have some classify it as a form of combat. In reality, it takes elements of both and probably falls in the grey area somewhere between those two worlds.

More often than not, this dispute is an often friendly one that is had among fans and maybe sometimes those on the fringe of the industry. Every now and again, however, the classification of what professional wrestling is becoming a much more serious discussion. That discussion has currently come to light in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


WWE is due to stage a live event in Edmonton on Feb. 9, 2018, however that show has now had to be postponed as per the Rogers Place website, the arena that was supposed to be playing host to the event. This postponement is off the back of a ruling change by the City Council that has forced all combative sporting events in the city to be stopped. The ruling has been introduced after the unfortunate death of a boxer, Tim Hague, back in June at which time the city ordered a third person review of promoters, physicians, referees, and inspectors.

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WWE isn't often hindered by rulings like the one in Edmonton, but UFC and other mixed martial arts promotions are no strangers to not being allowed to put on events in certain parts of the world. Up until very recently, MMA events were not allowed to be held in the state of New York. That's why their event in Madison Square Garden was viewed as such a big deal as it happened shortly after the ban had been lifted. New combat sports regulations introduced in France last year mean that the entire sport of MMA is banned there.


The Feb. 9, 2018, WWE event has only been postponed at the time of typing this instead of being canceled completely. That suggests WWE and others are confident that the announcement this week is not one that will stick for the long term. We will have to wait and see whether that's the case or not and will keep you updated on any developments with this story.

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