WWE: Every Look Of Kane, Ranked

The Big Red Machine, Kane is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever laced up a pair of boots, with the big man having created some of the greatest moments in the history of the sport, having achieved everything imaginable.

While Kane was a solid hand inside the ring, especially for a man of his size, it was the character and gimmick itself that really helped Kane stand out as such a memorable character.

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With his supernatural powers and deep story, Kane became beloved by fans, and one of the big parts of that was his look, which he managed to innovate and change in order to keep fresh, and within this article, we will rank his looks from worst to best.

10 Concessions Kane

This is certainly the weakest of the looks Kane has had throughout his career, and thankfully, it was only a one night deal with Concessions Kane taking to the stands to be exactly as the name states.

While Kane has never shied away from comedy in the later stages of his career, this was taking things to a totally new level with the look and the whole idea of having Kane serving hot dogs making him look pathetic.

Of course, that was the purpose of the situation, but it wasn't the best way to treat a WWE legend who was once considered to be the top monster in the company.

9 Unmasked Kane (2008-2011)

This wasn't the initial look from Kane's unmasking but is how he ended up evolving, staying without the mask for some time, this became a look that many fans got used to, as it wasn't changed much.

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While Kane had a solid run during the years between 2008-2011 where he wore the barbed wire style ring gear, the look did feel a little stale at times and would have been benefited from a change-up.

Kane became less scary during this period as well, with the WWE legend no longer being as feared as he once was during the earlier years in his career.

8 Corporate Kane

This was a massive change of pace for Kane, with the monster dropping his mask and the classic ring gear that he has always work for a suit and tie as he showed off his corporate side.

While this was something that a lot of people hated, the fact is that fans hating him was the sole purpose of him wearing a suit, and it showed a totally new side to him, allowing him to talk a lot more.

Kane was built and kept very strong during this period as he dominated anyone who went against The Authority, and even though it's not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kane, it certainly was memorable.

7 Embrace The Hate

When Kane made his return in 2011 after weeks of teasing vignettes, it seemed like the wrestling world was set to see the return of the monster with WWE teasing that the mask would be back.

When Kane returned, he surprised everyone with a totally new look, with the black, Predator-style visor being a fantastic look that he used just for the entrances, once again bringing back the fear to his character.

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While the mask was only used for the entrances only, it was certainly impactful and looked fantastic and creepy when he was making his way to the ring.

6 Two Sleeves

When Kane was first introduced to the wrestling world he was done so as a total monster who caused havoc everywhere he went, and when he first changed his look, WWE managed to do it very well.

There was a little bit of pressure on WWE with this change as Kane's debuting look was one of the most iconic in wrestling history, and thankfully WWE did a great job with it, as the Big Red Monster somehow looked even stronger.

The double long-sleeve was a great look that felt fresh, and with the huge black print at the top really making his size look even more prominent, it was a look that positively helped him.

5 Caped Crusader

While this wasn't a look that Kane did lots, it is one that many people remember, especially since Shinsuke Nakamura recently started adding a cape to his ring entrances on SmackDown Live.

But the classic shot of Kane walking in with a huge red cape attached is one few people will forget, and while it doesn't really fit his psychotic and deranged gimmick, it was one that just looked awesome.

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It somehow made Kane feel even scarier with a phantom of the opera feel about it, and the fact that the cape matched his ring gear was an added touch.

4 Unmasked Kane (2003)

Kane's unmasking was one of the biggest moments of the Attitude Era with the company building up the tension incredibly well, with the big reveal being a moment that still gets talked about to this day.

While not everyone was pleased with the fact Kane wasn't actually physically scarred in any way, there is no denying that the aftermath of the unmasking saw one of Kane's best WWE runs.

Keeping the bodysuit from his previous look with its tattered style helping to make Kane look even scarier as he went out on his warpath to take out anybody insight.

3 Demon Kane

This is the look that Kane is currently using when he does return to the company, such as his recent interactions with Bray Wyatt's Fiend character, and it is one of his greatest looks.

Going back to his roots with the mask making its return, WWE opted to freshen things up here and provide a slightly more modern and realistic mask to the classic one that people know and love.

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Kane returned to his demonic and scary self with this look and it is one that will go down in history when it comes to masked wrestlers.

2 The Vest

For long parts of Kane's career, he had the full bodysuit, which worked brilliantly, but some of his most iconic looks came when he would wear the vest style ring gear, with this particular option being the highlight.

Staying true to his roots with the flame design all over the gear, the vest and tights combo might have been a risk at first, with not many people doing it at the time in this way, but it is one that worked.

Kane's muscles look ridiculously huge and he as a wrestler seemed to look bigger than ever before, putting real fear into the fans when he turned up.

1 The Debut

Could it be anything else? When people think about Kane, this is the immediate look that they go to, with one of the greatest debuts in the history of WWE producing a total monster the likes of which had never been seen before.

WWE had been hyping Kane as someone who wasn't to be messed with, creating a monster in the mind of many and therefore it was crucial they delivered, and WWE certainly did just that.

With the towering figure looking incredibly scary with the fire design gear, the one glove and the smart decision to show one of his arms, revealing his impressive figure. However, it was the mask and the long hair that won everyone over here.

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