Drew Gulak & Apollo Crews Among WWE's Latest Round Of Draft Picks

WWE made us wait, but as promised, the fate of eight more Superstars has been announced via WWE.com ahead of night two of the 2019 Draft.

While we have become accustomed to WWE Drafts over the years, we're not used to the two-day events starting on SmackDown. Due to the blue brand now calling Friday nights home, that made the most sense for the latest iteration of the draft. We'd like to say night one of the two-night event went off without a hitch, but that isn't entirely true.

Whether accidental or not, WWE managed to publish the order in which Superstars would be selected before SmackDown had even started. If you watched the show without seeing that list and not checking Twitter, you'll obviously not have noticed anything was wrong. If you didn't go in with a clean slate and checked your feed during ad breaks, chances are you will have had your head in your hands by the third round.

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Fingers crossed the same mistake isn't made tomorrow night on Raw. For now, we've got a few extra draft picks to tide us over and sink our teeth into. The eight latest picks were revealed via WWE.com and presumably make up the remainder of the pool that was made available on SmackDown. Raw got three picks while SmackDown had five.

EC3, Eric Young, and Sin Cara are Raw-bound. Meanwhile, Apollo Crews, Drew Gulak, The B-Team, Heath Slater, and Tamina will now call Friday nights home. The stand out pick of that eight, for us at least, is Gulak. Gulak lost the Cruiserweight Title to Lio Rush on NXT last week. Seems as if that loss happened so he could be drafted to SmackDown.

We're also happy to see Slater get a spot. During the 2016 draft, the WWE stalwart went undrafted. It did make for a pretty entertaining storyline during which Slater appeared on both shows trying to earn himself a contract. What's shocking is the lack of Cesaro in this announcement. The Swiss Cyborg was part of the night one pool but doesn't seem to have been chosen. Here's hoping there's is some sort of angle behind that.

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