10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

There have been some amazing factions in WWE history. Most recently, WWE saw two of the most successful factions in the modern era debut and breakup in The Shield and Wyatt Family. Along the way, factions like Evolution, the nWo, Evolution, and more came and went and left a memorable mark on the world of professional wrestling.

However, along the way, there were also factions that came and went and few people even think about anymore. These factions either flamed out due to poor storylines and work or because they were created to push bigger, more successful factions. Here is a look at 10 WWE factions we forgot ever existed.

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10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

The WWE Attitude Era had what basically came down to a gang war storyline. What makes the entire thing controversial is the factions were all racially divided. By the time all was said and done, only one of the factions finished their run with a good legacy -- and that was The Nation of Domination, mostly because it included two Hall of Fame stars (Ron Simmons, Mark Henry) and one of the biggest stars in history in The Rock.

However, the first of the other two factions were the Disciples of Apocalypse. They were a biker gang that came to the ring on motorcycles and feuded with a gang of Latinos and the Nation. This faction formed when Crush was kicked out of the Nation. The group included Brian Lee, a former member of Demolition, Crush, and the Harris twins.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

The third group in the Attitude Era gangland wars was Los Boricuas. Much like Crush, Savio Vega started his faction when he was kicked out of the Nation of Domination. He then started his own Latino faction that includes Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada Jr., and Jesus Castillo.

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While this was caused due to the Nation of Domination kicking out Crush and Savio Vega, it ended up being a major feud between Los Boricuas and the Disciples of the Apocalypse with the Nation of Domination sitting above both of the other WWE factions. This faction actually lived on, reuniting in the IWA in Puerto Rico and later in the World Wrestling Council.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

There is a good reason that The Mexicools is one of the WWE factions we forgot ever existed. This faction was so insulting that WWE buried it completely after less than a year. Originally, The Mexicools was a faction that was meant to push the very talented Juventud Guerrera but that fell apart when WWE released Juvi in seven months.

What makes this disappointing was that the faction had three amazing wrestlers in Juvi, Psicosis, and Super Crazy. What WWE had them do was ride to the ring on riding lawnmowers and dress like stereotypical laborers, losing most of their matches.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

The League of Nations is the most recent faction on this list but they will fall into the shadows of time due to the fact the faction only formed for one reason -- to put over Roman Reigns. This was something more than one member admitted after their split up and if a faction is just meant for four men to put over one, that is a problem.

The members were all top-line stars as well. Sheamus was a former world champion. Alberto Del Rio was a former world champion. Rusev was a former NXT champion and a dominant big man. Wade Barrett seemed to have a bright future but chose to step away from WWE after League of Nations buried all four men.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

Sean Waltman is best known for his stints in nWo and DX but he also had another faction he was a member of that many fans have forgotten. That is X-Factor, named after X-Pac himself. Outside of X-Pac, the other members were former Kliq member Justin Credible and Albert.

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The faction started when Justin Credible made his WWE return after a nice career in ECW to save X-Pac in a match against Chris Jericho. They became a tag team and then Albert became their enforcer. They formed in February 2001 and it ended in October when X-Pac was injured. They had some success, with X-Pac winning the cruiserweight title and Albert winning the Intercontinental title.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

What is interesting about La Familia is that most people remember Edge and his Edgeheads, but don't remember that La Familia was how this partnership started. The reason for the name was simple. It included Vickie Guerrero when she was in a relationship with Edge and she started this.

It also included her nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. The Edgeheads were Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. The final member of the faction was Bam Neely, who worked the ECW roster from 2008-09.  As a faction, Edge was a multi-time world champion, Chavo Guerrero was the ECW champion and the Edgeheads won the tag team titles.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

Right to Censor showed up in WWE in 2000 and was possibly the highlight of Stevie Richards tenure in WWE after working as a fan favorite in ECW for years. Richards came out in a shirt and tie and decided he was going to censor the raunchiness the Attitude Era was known for.

He did the impossible as well, by having the pimp-loving Godfather become the Goodfather, bringing in porn star Val Venis and then adding the muscle of Bull Buchanan and the perfectly cast Ivory as the final member. Their biggest accomplishment was making fans mad every time they came out and covered a scantily clad Diva but they also won the tag titles (Buchanon and Goodfather) and the women's title.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

Heath Slater has been part of a ton of factions, which is odd for a man who has never risen above the role of a lower mid-carder. He started out in Nexus, which was an incredible faction that fell to the hands of John Cena. He was part of the Corre, which was one of two fractured factions from Nexus.

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He was part of 3 Man Band with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. However, after all that, there was also part of another faction that almost no one remembers -- the Social Outcasts. This included a pre-B Team Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, a group of disgruntled mid-carders who wanted a chance. The faction lasted six months and split up due to the Superstar Shakeup.



In 2009, CM Punk decided to start his own faction. The Straight Edge Superstar began a new faction that focused on his Straight Edge lifestyle and he patterned himself as a cult leader. When new members joined, they had to fulfill a ritual and pledge their allegiance to Punk.

These members included Luke Gallows, who Punk had long said was a star being neglected, Joey Mercury, who at one time was instrumental in Punk getting his shot in WWE, and one female member in Serena. Sadly, the end of the faction came to an abrupt end when both Serena and Gallows were released by WWE.


10 WWE Factions We Forgot Ever Existed

JBL set up his own faction in 2004 when he won the WWE Championship and decided he needed his own faction to protect him and cover his back during his reign. He brought in his image consultant (Amy Webber), Jillian Hall as his publicist, The Basham Brothers as his Secretaries of Defense, and Orlando Jordan as his Chief of Staff.

Thanks to JBL's Cabinet, he had the back up to help him retain his title against challengers like Kurt Angle, Booker T, Undertaker, and Eddie Guerrero. Orlando Jordan also won the U.S. title while the Basham Brothers won the tag team titles. The faction actually lasted for two years.

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