NXT: 10 Things WWE Fans Should Know About Shayna Baszler

The Queen Of Spades has become one of the most dominant NXT Superstars of all time, having burst onto the scene at Full Sail University with her ruthless aggression blending in with her MMA background.

Baszler has been an incredible heel for the black and yellow brand and has proven to be almost unstoppable at the top of the women's division. With her aggressive character often striking fear into other talents, she certainly has been very impressive.

With Survivor Series coming up, the entire WWE Universe is now getting to know Shayna Baszler as she prepares to face Becky Lynch and Bayley, so with that in mind, here are 10 things that fans should know about the NXT Women's Champion.

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10 26 Professional Fights

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There is a reason that WWE is able to book Shayna Baszler so seriously as a dominant figure in the ring who works an MMA style because she has a legitimate background in the sport.

Prior to embarking on a wrestling journey, Baszler had 26 professional fights in mixed martial arts, as a former Invicta FC headliner, she really was one of the early female pioneers of the sport.

9 Her MMA Record

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While Shayna Baszler competed in almost 30 MMA fights, that doesn't mean she totally dominated all of them, as her win/loss record highlights, with Baszler retiring from MMA with a 15-11 record.

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Even though that might not be as impressive as some other records in existence, Baszler did retire from the sport with more wins than defeats, which isn't something that everyone can say.

When compared to the majority of WWE Superstars, it is certainly a standout record that makes her incredibly interesting in a wrestling environment.

8 Oldest NXT Women's Champion

'Age is but a number.' That is a well-known saying and when it comes to Shayna Baszler, that is certainly the case as the Queen of Spades is actually the oldest person to ever hold the NXT Women's Championship.

The fact that Baszler didn't start in WWE until later on in her life due to dedicating so much time to MMA makes her rise to the top even more impressive, quickly getting to grips with the sport and becoming a top star.

Despite being the oldest NXT Women's Champion, she is arguably the greatest in history at the same time, proving that age really doesn't matter.

7 Bringing Combat Sports To South Dakota

Shayna Baszler is a passionate woman both inside and outside of the ring and she proved that by helping to bring combat sports into South Dakota, despite Steve Hickey's best efforts to stop it from happening.

He wasn't a fan of MMA and didn't want it in South Dakota, yet Shayna Baszler continued to push hard to make it happen, with a speech of hers helping to make him understand its value.

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Unfortunately, he wasn't convinced by it and remained opposed, but eventually, her efforts worked and combat sports were introduced to South Dakota.

6 Passionate Wrestling Fan

A lot of WWE Superstars claim that they are passionate about the business and were fans from when they were a child even if it isn't true, but when it comes to Shayna Baszler that really is the case.

Since she was young, watching wrestling was her favorite pastime activity, and that continued into her adulthood where her roommates ended up also being wrestling fans.

The fact that she was so dedicated to watching the sport as a fan means she is incredibly knowledgeable as an athlete, which is why it isn't a surprise she has achieved so much already in wrestling.

5 Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez is one of the most impressive women's wrestlers in the world, and even though she appeared in the Mae Young Classic alongside Shayna Baszler, she has ended up being part of AEW instead.

However, Baszler and Martinez have a long history together as wrestlers, with Martinez being one of her biggest mentors after working together in SHIMMER, where Mercedes took Shayna under her wing.

A lot of people like to mention the Four Horsewomen and Rousey, in particular, the fact is that Mercedes Martinez was her biggest mentor in the sport.

4 Dream Opponent

When you look at the history of NXT's women's division the two most dominant athletes of all time are certainly Asuka and Shayna Baszler which is why it is quite exciting to learn that Asuka is Baszler's dream opponent.

While it might not ever end up happening due to Shayna being an NXT talent, the fact that this is her dream match will no doubt get a lot of fans talking about the possibility of it happening.

Their in-ring styles differ quite a lot, but there is no doubt that they could have a fantastic wrestling match, and hopefully, one-day fans get to see it.

3 Her Training Partner

You might think that just because she is a woman she had to have been trained by another female wrestler, but that is not the case, as Shayna Baszler actually trained with Josh Barnett.

Barnett is well-known in the wrestling world as an incredibly tough individual, being an old school pro wrestler with an MMA background, and she has always told the story of how Barnett ensured she could fight before she could wrestle.

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Working with Barnett clearly proved to be a wise decision for her and given that she does blend her MMA style into her wrestling, Barnett obviously had a big hand in her development.

2 First Two-Time NXT Women's Champion

The 10 Best Female Wrestlers In The History of NXT

There is a reason that Shayna Baszler has dominated the NXT scene, as her grip on the NXT Women's Championship has been incredible. However, she did drop the title once, to Kairi Sane at Takeover Brooklyn 4.

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However, the Queen Of Spades wasted little time in reclaiming her prize, winning the title back from Sane to become the first-ever, two-time NXT Women's Champion in history.

For those who aren't clued up on NXT, that might come as a surprise considering the amazing talent that has been in NXT, but it is Baszler who made this particular piece of history.

1 Ultimate Fighter Reality Series

A lot is made of the friendship that Shayna Baszler has with Ronda Rousey, with this being a point that WWE likes to mention, especially during the early stages of her career with the company.

The friendship between them actually began with Rousey coaching her on the eighteenth season of the Ultimate Fighter reality series, where Ronda picked Baszler, who was the favorite heading into that tournament.

Even though Baszler didn't end up winning the Ultimate Fighter contract due to a first-round defeat by the eventual winner, Julianna Pena, she did end up maintaining her relationship with Ronda Rousey.

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