WWE Fans Leave Arena Before Monday Night RAW Main Event

via wrestlezone.com

You know the WWE isn't happy with the TV ratings they have been getting lately (this past Monday's RAW averaged just over 3 million views which is down from last week and ratings have been hitting record lows over the last month or so).

But that is people sitting at home on their couch with so many other channels to pick from as well all their different devices to pull their attention. However, when paying fans start leaving early, that would seem to be a bigger indicator that what they are doing just isn't working.

And that is what happened Monday night when fans were seen leaving the arena before the main event match between WWE Champion Sheamus and Roman Reigns even started - leaving a bunch of empty seats.

The above photo was taken by a fan in attendance - with the caption "I went to Raw last night. This was the crowd behind the hard camera right before the main event."

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