WWE’s Female Royal Rumble Should Be Won By A Returning Legend

At the time of typing this, it is only a little more than a week until the 2018 Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Aside from the excitement that surrounds the event every year, there is the added intrigue this time around as the show will play host to the first ever all-female Royal Rumble match. Every fully fit woman on Raw and SmackDown Live who doesn't currently hold a championship will be competing in the marquee match plus the rest of those 30 spots will presumably be filled with NXT stars plus wrestlers from WWE's past. There are a whole bunch of them appearing on Raw's 25th-anniversary show this coming Monday, such as Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly, and most will likely declare their entry into the match.


As of right now, there is probably more interest from fans in the women's Royal Rumble match than the regular men's equivalent, and not just because it's new. WWE has lost a lot of the fans' trust in recent years when it comes to Royal Rumbles over the past few years. From Roman Reigns entering at number 30 to Daniel Bryan's failure to win, there seems to be at least one frustrating point in every Rumble match recently. With the female version, they have a clean slate. There is no reason to think any shenanigans will be pulled, we are guaranteed to see some returning legends, and the most important ingredient in making a Rumble exciting it's unclear who exactly is going to win the thing.

That won't have stopped all of us from attempting to predict who exactly is going to win it, and there are a few theories out there. Asuka has to be a clear favorite to win the match considering her undefeated streak. A Rumble win for The Empress of Tomorrow so that she can become champion at WrestleMania 34. There are also rumors that Ronda Rousey will make her in-ring WWE debut on Jan. 28, 2018. If the former Bantamweight Champion does appear in the bout and wins that would potentially set up a dream match between her and Charlotte Flair in New Orleans.

The match is far from a two horse race though. Let's not forget that potentially a third of the participants in the over-the-top bout could be returning legends. While none of them have confirmed their entry into the match as of right now, we could see the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, so many women who would be fools to pass up the opportunity to be in this Rumble if they are able to do so. Yes, the women's revolution is a term that was only coined a few years ago, but all of those names and more paved the way for what the current Superstars are enjoying today. They deserve to reap some of the rewards.

There's an argument to be made that one of the returning women should reap even more of the rewards than the others competing in the match. What we mean by that is there is an argument to be made for a Stratus or a Lita to win the whole thing. Those two names stand out above all others because they probably contributed more than any other women who have competed in WWE in the past 20 years, with the exception of Chyna. Both women still seem to be in peak physical condition, why not have one of them win? It would set up a blockbuster championship match that will have definitely never been seen before.


There is one very big reason why the winner of the Royal Rumble needs to be a big name from WWE's past. The match marks another in a long line of first for WWE's women. There really isn't much they haven't achieved now, apart from one very big thing. That thing is headlining WrestleMania. Many female wrestlers admitted that's their ultimate goal. If they want that to happen as soon as WrestleMania 34, then they need a big name. No offense to the likes of Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks, who would both be deserved winners, but either of them opposite either of the current champions is not worthy of closing WrestleMania. Throw Trish Stratus or Lita in their however and with the right build, you might just have something worthy of the biggest women's wrestling first of them all.

All of the above, plus so much more is reason to be very excited about the upcoming women's Royal Rumble match. So many comebacks, so many potential winners, this will almost undoubtedly be the best first that the women of WWE have been a part of to date. What's more is it's one that those who paved the way can be a part of as well. Let's hope that the match goes off without a hitch and therefore becomes an annual tradition alongside the men's version of the match which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary on Jan. 28, 2018.


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WWE’s Female Royal Rumble Should Be Won By A Returning Legend